AEW Dynamite Results: Serena Deeb vs. Riho [AEW World Women’s Eliminator Tournament Match]

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After almost a year away, Riho is finally back in AEW. The first ever AEW Women’s Champion has been stuck in Japan, but while she could have swept the Japanese bracket to get to Revolution, she returned to the United States.

Her first round opponent will not make things easy however, as she faces the current NWA Women’s Champion, Serena Deeb. These are two of the best wrestlers on the AEW roster, and this should be among the best matches in the tournament.

Serena Deeb Shows No Mercy

Just because Riho hasn’t been on AEW TV, she’s not been sitting at home. She’s been killing it in Stardom during her 11 months ago, and will be as good as ever. Deeb & Riho locked up, and Riho would be taken to the mat with a waist lock before getting the standing switch. Riho fought, but couldn’t overcome the pure wrestling skill of Deeb.

Deeb would have a headlock countered into a pinfall, before finally letting Riho free after having her knee stomped. A test of strength saw Deeb win out, but a neck bridge from Riho prevented a pinfall. Deeb wouldn’t let her go however, maintaining wrist control as long as she could.

Riho got moving and was able to hit a dropkick. A cartwheel dodge into a crossbody got a one count, before Deeb was set up for the 619. Deeb caught the legs and catapulted her opponent into the middle rope. Throughout the picture in picture break, Deeb pressed her advantage both in and out of the ring. She nearly got a pinfall off a Gory Special, but no luck.

Riho would end up in a cross arm choke, and had to drive Deeb into the corners to break. Deeb blocked a dragon suplex, but Riho always finds a way to get the snapdragon in. Riho made the mistake of throwing strikes in the corner, but was outgunned by Deeb in this regard.

Riho Digs Deep

A running headscissor helped her pick up the pace and nail a running knee to the jaw, before going up top for the crossbody. Deeb rolled through, and went to work on the leg of Riho before being shoved into the corner. She’d come back with a dragon screw leg whip, then a hard swinging neckbreaker for a near fall.

Riho grabbed the hurt leg of Deeb to stop a submission attempt, before setting up and hitting a 619. The double stomp to the back dropped Deeb, before nailing the crossbody off the top rope. Deeb rolled to the outside, got back in first and caught Riho with a dragon screw.

A quick powerbomb into stretch muffler nearly forced the submission, but Riho countered into a pinfall. A northern lights suplex got another near fall, as did the diving double stomp! Deeb was running on fumes after the stomp, but dodged the running knee. Riho countererd the Detox, and got the Gedo Clutch for the win.

It’s so nice to have Riho back, and she’s as good as ever. Deeb is also perhaps the best pure female wrestler in AEW, which was showed in this one. They went back and forth until the very end, and it met the hype. This division has hit it’s stride finally. Match Rating: 4/5 (****)

Can Riho beat Thunder Rosa next week? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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