Impact Wrestling No Surrender Preview (2/13) – Impact World Championship – Rich Swann (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

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This is a match that many fans have been scratching their heads over, and to be honest us at Impact Wrestling No Surrender Preview wondered the same thing.

It’s great that Rich Swann would want to celebrate Tommy Dreamer’s 50th birthday by giving him a title shot, making it a present and homage in one swoop, but it won’t be easy.

For most fans, Dreamer is an “over the hill” wrestler that never did a whole lot, meaning he a household name.

It’s what happens when we have larger than life stars shine on other programing, but for those of us that were ECW fans we remember a different Dreamer.

Sure, he wasn’t a dominate persona that took over everything and carried the top title for years or anything like that.

He was a great performer that gave us his all every time and pulled us into his matches whether we were fans or not.

He gave a great speech on Tuesday about how he wants to give back and being the Impact World Champion will give him the platform to do that even more.

And while we expect him to give his usual gutsy effort and really sell it, we don’t expect him to win.

Rich Swann will retain but we could see a twist here that’ll help galvanize the company, or more importantly Moose and Swann.

Future battles

There’s a chance that Moose will be at ringside to go after Swann so Dreamer can win so he’ll have an easier match, but we think an epiphany will be in the air.

Moose wants to unify the Impact and TNA world titles, and we think he will sooner or later, but if he does get involved in this match we don’t see it as a way of altering the result.

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Moose or someone else could interfere in the match, we think he’ll take Dreamer’s words to heart and be mindful of what he does going forward.

TO be honest, I think the segment on Tuesday and this match will go a long way to getting the Impact talent together and unified when it comes to AEW talent and we could finally see some push back.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned is there’s always another handful of layers and meanings to Dreamer’s matches, and Impact has done masterful storytelling for several months now.

It all seems to be working toward a big confrontation between the companies, but will that be the case or will it continue to be a cross company effort without escalating it as the WWE would?

Let us know what you think will happen and if there’s more to this match than we’ve seen so far.

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