Ring Of Honor Results: The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams) and Fred Yehi vs. The Foundation (Jay Lethal & Rhett Titus) and Wheeler Yuta

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Last week on Ring Of Honor TV, the main event ended in a massive brawl between La Faccion Ingornable, Flip Gordon, PCO, The Briscoes, and Brody King. The match had to be thrown out, and this just pissed The Foundation off. Brawling is not pure wrestling, is not their view of what a company like Ring of Honor should be.

So this week, they face each other. The Foundation will show everyone what wrestling really is, as Jay Lethal teams with Rhett Titus & Wheeler Yuta, and Jonathan Gresham has Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi. Yuta & Yehi are not in The Foundation, but proved themselves in past Pure Rules matches as fitting their image.

All Men Showcase Their Wrestling Skills

Earlier in the night, Lethal & Williams agreed to start the match, and so it was. Code of Honor was adhered to of course, and this six man tag match would get started! Lethal has a loss to Williams, one he wants to get passed tonight.

Williams was quickly put in the headlock, he’d counter out to grab the arm, before sprawling with Lethal on the mat into a stalemate. Lethal had his leg caught, and Williams trapped all the limbs to prevent a rope break, before being slipped down into a pinfall. Titus was tagged in, and tried to take Williams down, before catching him in a head scissor.

Williams was able to push his way out, and noticed Yehi wanted a tag. Yehi immediately took Titus down, and had him going for the ropes to free himself. On commentary Caprice Coleman would reveal how tall you need to be a SavageWeight. You gotta be Yehi. Yuta would get a tag in, and would look to decode Yehi as he took him to the mat with a wrist lock.

Yehi was able to take the control, but Yuta showed his insane speed. Gresham tagged in, would be rolled into an ankle lock, before Gresham just outwrestled him with ease. He’s the Pure Champion for a reason. Yuta would use his reach advantage to help himself against Gresham, but fail to gain much ground, as a submission attempt led to a rope break and a clean break.

The Foundation Putting On A Classic

Yuta would tag in Lethal at this point, putting the ROH World Tag Team Champions against each other for the first time in this match. Lethal picked the leg, and Grehasm nearly caught him with the short arm scissors. They’d trade control on wrist locks and various other holds to the point where Ian Riccaboni on commentary was barely keeping up, before a stalemate.

Lethal broke a Greco Roman knuckle lock, before getting a headlock which Gresham cartwheeled out of. Gresham took the hip toss into a low dropkick combo, before Lethal tagged in Titus. Titus hit a gutwrench slam and a big splash, before tagging in Yuta. Gresham was getting isolated away from his team, and slammed right into the mat.

Yuta trapped the arm of Gresham, and bent back on the fingers before tagging in Titus. Titus kept the hold going, Gresham broke out and launched some hard strikes before wheelbarrowing into the roll up. Lethal was tagged in, but Gresham forced a malfunction as he leapfrogged over a spear, causing Lethal to get his partner.

Lethal was used as a launching point in a familiar tag team move, as Gresham flew into a cutter. Yuta was tagged alongside Yehi, and Yehi took Yuta down with a kick to the head and a snap brainbuster into the Koji Clutch. A rope break broke the hold, but Yuta was getting isolated as Williams tagged in and worked alongside his old Catchpoint ally in Yehi.

Keeping It Clean Until The Very End

A commercial break came and went, and Yuta was finally getting somewhere after an enziguri and German Suplex combo. Lethal was tagged in, who planted Williams with Lethal Combination and hit Hail To The King for a near fall. Williams countered an attempt at the Figure Four Leg Lock, and nailed him with a lariat.

Titus & Gresham got tags, and they’d slug it out in the ring. Gresham was caught with a big Belly To Belly suplex, but came back with a stunner and leg sweep. Yehi was tagged in, dropping Titus with a back elbow and some heavy chops. Yuta tagged in, hitting a Manhattan drop before Titus hit a lariat.

The Right Angle Slam got a near fall, before Yuta hit a diving DDT and Williams broke the pinfall up. Yehi regained some control, hitting exploder suplexes on Yuta & Lethal, before grabbing a Koji Clutch on Titus. Gresham tried to stop Lethal from breaking this up, but didn’t try hard enough.

Lethal hit Lethal Injection, but Gresham took the blow for Yehi. Yehi took Lethal out, but Titus was the legal man, and he nailed that lethal dropkick for the win! Lethal, Titus & Yuta win after 17:47!

Will Yehi & Yuta properly join The Foundation after this showing tonight? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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