WWE SmackDown: Sasha Banks Heel Turn, And Other Things That Could Happen On SmackDown Tonight

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The most enjoyable two hours of WWE programming over recent months has aired on Friday, as SmackDown has regularly been a show that has flowed better than it’s Monday night rival.

It will be the go-home show for SmackDown tonight before the Elimination Chamber PPV, and there promises to be a number of interesting segments and matches taking place before various superstars step into a formidable structure on Sunday evening. But, what surprises could we see on SmackDown this evening?

WWE SmackDown: Sasha Banks Finally Turns Heel

There isn’t much of a secret that the WWE are heading down the route of Bianca Belair taking on Sasha Banks at Mania this year. But, the beginning of their rivalry has been a little too friendly for the liking of many members of the WWE Universe.

The WWE need to change gear, and soon, to build towards what could be one of the best matches taking place at the showpiece event this year. One of the superstars will need to be a heel heading into their Mania showdown, and it only makes sense that it will be Banks. We could see our first sign of a new heel Banks tonight, as she could blindside Belair to raise the ante for their championship match further down the line.

WWE SmackDown: New Superstar Added To Elimination Chamber

There have been rumours circulating that Jey Uso could be dropped from the Elimination Chamber match this weekend, as he is still struggling from the injury that kept him out of the Royal Rumble at the end of January. If this was the case, then it was a strange decision to name him in the match in the first place, but replacing him is certainly the safest thing to do.

We could see a last chance saloon match for a number of superstars this evening to determine who will replace him. Front runners that we wouldn’t mind seeing in the Chamber match include Big E and Seth Rollins.

WWE SmackDown: Edge Appears On SmackDown

We didn’t see Edge on Raw this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t see him on the blue brand tonight. Edge could send his biggest indicator yet that he has his sights set on the Universal Championship by actually getting his hands on Reigns to close the show. It would be a sign that the Rated-R Superstar has made his decision, but could there yet be another final swerve following Elimination Chamber?

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