Impact Wrestling Results (3/2) – Eddie Edwards Defeated Brian Myers by Disqualification with Matt Cardona as Special Referee

Cardona DQd Myers when he saw him slip a foreign object into his arm pad before hitting the Roster Cut

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as this match started with a lockup and a mutual break so Myers could complain about Edwards pulling hit hair.

Myers locked in a side headlock and poked Edwards in the eye, and hit a reverse suplex for a pin attempt.

Myers used some old school methodology by being smart and hiding his questionable methods from Cardona.

Edwards reversed a whip into the ropes and hit an inverted atomic drop and a belly to belly suplex that sent Myers to the floor.

Myers grabbed a steel chair and Cardona told him to drop it. Edwards took advantage of the distraction to leap over Cardona and hit Myers with a dive as we headed to commercial.

Best of friends

Back from commercial and Myers was in control, stomping Edwards in the ring, and then hitting a suplex for a pin attempt.

Myers then locked in a reverse chin lock, but Edwards hit a jaw breaker. Myers then tripped him at the ropes and followed with some kicks and choking Edwards in the corner.

Myers hit a snapmare and locked in another reverse chin lock under Cardona’s watchful eye.

Edwards tried to fight out of the hold and Myers hit him with a knee.

Edwards nailed him with a couple of clotheslines and then a northern lights suplex for a near pinfall.

Edwards caught Myers on his blindside with an elbow and hit a sit out powerbomb for a near pinfall.

Edwards went for a Boston Knee Party, but Myers ducked and hit a kick and short clothesline for a near pinfall. Myers griped at Cardona then went back to work but Edwards backed him into the corner.

Edwards then hit a backpack stunner but Myers got a foot on the ropes.

Myers rolled to the apron and hit a shoulder and a neckbreaker on the ropes.

A little help

Myers then hit a Roster Cut but Cardona called for the bell after he spotted Myers slip something into his arm pad before hitting the roster cut.

Myers was upset Cardona screwed him, but it was the right decision and Edwards won by disqualification.

Impact Wrestling Results needed the replay to see what Cardona saw, but it was cool and sets the stage for their feud to continue.

This took us back to the Golden Era in many ways with the best friends growing apart and having their story unfold gradually over the weeks rather than a few days on social media.

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