AEW Dynamite Results: Darby Allin Defeats Matt Hardy With Coffin Drop In Insane Falls Count Anywhere Match To Retain TNT Championship

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Darby Allin has been proving to be a dominant TNT Champion, knocking down all challengers in dominant fashion. Tonight, he looks to take out another challenger in Matt Hardy. Allin once looked up to Hardy, but the man he respects isn’t Big Money Matt.

Hardy thinks he can buy everyone and everything, but Allin is the exception to this rule. Now Hardy needs to earn even the respect of Allin in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Hardy would leave the rest of his faction, The Hardy Family office in the back, wanting to do this one by himself.

At The House Always Wins this past Friday, The Butcher won a Battle Royale for a shot at the TNT Championship, but was unable to win. Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate after the match, showing that he can drop Allin with that one battle tested move.

Matt Hardy Is The Chairman Of The Hardy Family Office

Hardy brought a steel chair to start this match, but missed the swing and Allin was able to get some shots in. Allin would go for a middle rope Coffin Drop, but took the chair to the spine instead. Hardy took the fight to the outside, and got Allin a few more times with the chair.

Back in the ring, Hardy took a seat to mouth off to Allin before punching him in the jaw. Allin was already bleeding on his back from these chair shots, and would take a hanging neckbreaker from Hardy for a two count. Hardy set the chair up, and threw Allin headfirst into it. He’d set up a chair assisted Twist Of Fate, but thankfully for the neck of Allin, he saved himself.

Allin got some chair shots in on Hardy, prompting Hardy Family Office to rush the ring and beat Allin down. Butcher & The Blade set up some steel steps at ringside, but Dark Order & Sting would even the odds. Sting took out Private Party in the ring, while Dark Order brawled with Butcher & The Blade in the crowd.

Allin grabbed a trash can, and looked to suplex Hardy onto it, before being hit with a Gordbuster onto it for a two count. Hardy would batter Allin with punches on the timekeepers table, but didn’t send him through it. Allin got a shot on Hardy with the trash can, before driving him into the wall by the stage.

Darby Allin Could Be Unstoppable

Hardy fought back with a hard irish whip, sending Allin off the steel steps and over the barricade, but only got a two count. Lance Archer warded off Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page who wanted to attack Sting, before deciding to randomly murder Isiah Kassidy with the Blackout before leaving. Sting threw Allin that iconic baseball bat, but Hardy dodged the shot and hit a low blow.

Hardy set up another chair assisted Twist of Fate, and hit it on the stage, but only got a two count. They brawled into the backstage area, where Hardy threw Allin over a table and set up a ladder. Allin was set up on the table, and Hardy hit the leg drop off the ladder through the table, but Allin kicked out again!

They’d head back onto the stage, and Allin crawled for Stings bat. Hardy stopped him and hit a set up a powerbomb, but Allin slipped off, hit a low blow and collected that bat. That iconic bat would be used greatly by Allin, potentially cracking some ribs. Allin cleared the announce table off with the bat, set Hardy up on it and hit a Coffin Drop off a support beam for the win.

Who can stop Darby Allin? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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