AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page vs. Max Caster

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Max Caster has been tearing through The Dark Order on AEW Dark to finally get this match. He’s managed to earn a 7-1 record, and should he be able to beat the #1 ranked Hangman Page? We could be seeing Max Caster add some championship gold to his image. However, Page doesn’t take people bullying his new friends kindly, and knows that every match in AEW counts. If he wants to get another chance to become AEW Champion, he needs to keep winning.

Max Caster Has A Diss Track For Page

After a diss rap from Caster, this one got started with Page running Bowens down with a big boot before going after his opponent. Page stomped Caster into the corner, before hitting some lariats and going for a suplex. Caster slipped out and while he dodged a lariat, Page hit the Fallaway Slam before some heavy chops.

Some forearm shots from Caster was the attempt to get back into this match, but Page just kicked him in the face and hit a senton. Caster refocused on the outside with Bowens, before pulling Page out. This led to Caster being driven into the barricade arm first, but Bowens ran a distraction and allowed Caster to get control briefly.

Page sent Caster over the rope and hit the springboard lariat, before a vaulting body press to the outside. Caster blocked an irish whip and sent Page to the barricade, only to end up stuck up there himself before being hit with a lariat. Page was going to crotch Caster on the post, but again Bowens was the distraction. Caster kept the referee occupied, as Bowens threw him into the barricade.

Hangman Page Basically Wrestles A Handicap Match

Back in the ring, Caster tried to keep Page grounded only to be grounded with a pop up spinebuster. Page hit a lariat in the corner before having a big boot blocked, only to hit Caster with an exploder suplex. Deadeye was set up on the apron, but Caster fought off only to be dropped there back first.

Page went to the top rope, and Bowens distracted him before Caster hit a superplex. Caster applied a submission on the hurt arm of Hangman Page, who made it to the ropes. Page would take Caster out of the sky with a lariat, but as he set up Deadeye again, Page would see Bowens slip the Boombox of The Acclaimed into the ring. Caster wrapped a chain around his fist, and hit a big punch but Page kicked out!

Page dodged the top rope elbow drop and looked for Buckshot. He’d fight Bowens off, nail Caster with the Buckshot Lariat and get the win! Will Hangman Page get the next shot at Kenny Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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