AEW Dynamite Results: The Inner Circle Is Back, And Better Than Ever

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Last week on AEW Dynamite, The Inner Circle returned after being beaten down by MJF’s new faction, The Pinnacle. They re-took their locker room by force, with them splitting The Pinnacle apart piece by piece and just leaving them bloodied. Chris Jericho told MJF that the worst is yet to come, and it’s hard to imagine what could be worse than being thrown head first through a glass pepsi machine. Tonight, The Inner Circle will be hitting the ring, and letting everyone know what is next for them.

Chris Jericho Has A Lot To Say

After another Judas Sing-a-Long from the Jacksonville’s Children’s Choir, Chris Jericho would inform fans that he’s got a lot to say… after the break. During the break, Sammy Guevara had some flash cards.

He’d say hi, and go over what happened to The Pinnacle before saying hi to them at home. Guevara asked how they are feeling, before saying it feels good to be back. Jericho ended the break on FiteTV, saying he’d give the crowd a cue when they’re going back to TNT, asking for a big Inner Circle chant so they seem very popular.

He got his wish, and we came back to a big and totally organic chant. The Inner Circle is Back in Black! They took the beatdown of their life from The Pinnacle, putting them in the hospital. This beatdown was bad, but it also woke The Inner Circle up to the bad choices they made.

Blood & Guts Is Coming

These bad choices were mostly from MJF, and that’s where the blame lies. Jericho hoped to keep MJF under this thumb, but he didn’t think that MJF could get one step ahead of them. But they got outsmarted. Last week was the start of revenge, and hopes the fans have some Swirly chants ready for when he got back.

MJF will be great in time, but already thinks he’s better than Jericho. He needs time to get that good, and stop believing his own hype. The true issue is that MJF knows he will never be better than Chris Jericho, and he knows it. Moving on, he’d call Tully Blanchard a third rate member of the the Four Horseman. FTR are great, but interchangeable.

Spears is only known to Jericho for him coming crawling to him for advice when he got fired. Wardlow is big and strong, but dumb as hell. The Pinnacle is good at the end of the day, but The Inner Circle likes a good fight so they’re gonna bring it. May 5th, Pinnacle vs. Inner Circle in a BLOOD & GUTS MATCH!

Who will win on May 5th? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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