AEW Dynamite Results: Penta El Zero M Defeats Trent? Via Package Piledriver

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It’s been a long time since we were supposed to see Best Friends & Lucha Bros in a parking lot brawl, since PAC & Orange Cassidy met at AEW Revolution 2020. However, no one in this feud forgot, and now they’re picking up exactly where they left off. Tonight, Trent takes on Penta El Zero M in a one on one match, which on any other night would be a potential show stealer. This is his first singles match since getting back from his pec injury, but has worked tag team matches.

Trent? Dodges A Crucial Blow

Trent & Penta would be shoving each other before the match started, but after the bell rang, Penta grabbed the wrist and took Trent down. Penta would have his ankle picked, but was able to fight off the attempt at a head scissor from Trent. Trent would have a glove thrown at him as Penta taunted, before Penta was thrown off the ropes and hit with a double knee strike.

Penta was dropped with a backdrop driver and sent to the outside, but he foiled the dive over the top rope. Trent nailed a big lariat, sending Penta back to the outside before hitting the dive. Back in the ring, Trent looked for the tornado DDT in the corner but Penta blocked. Penta would hit a springboard crossbody before hitting the slingblade for a two count.

Trent blocked the Package Piledriver and hit a rolling elbow, before getting the Tornado DDT. Penta didn’t stay down long, and would springboard off the middle rope to hit a Mexican Destroyer. Trent would be hit with a hard kick before being dumped to the outside. Penta would get into the face of Orange Cassidy at ringside, but OC didn’t care too much, or whatever.

Trent was set up for an open handed chop in the corner, but dodged and Penta would hit the steel instead. Penta pulled out a dodge of his own, when he’d dodge a spear and watch Trent just crash into the barricade. Trent rolled into the ring, but stayed in the ropes to ensure he wouldn’t get pinned.

Penta El Zero M Gets An Assist From Alex Abrahantes

Staying on the offensive, Penta would hit some strikes to a woozy Trent, before putting him in the corner for a flurry of chops. Trent blocked the Backstabber and hit the Half & Half Suplex, before the running knee strike got a two count. Penta would catch Trent on the middle rope with a superkick to the back of the knee, before hitting the backstabber.

Trent would be hit with the sit out Pumphandle Driver in the middle of the ring, being dropped on the top of his head. He’d manage to kick out at two, before rolling to the apron. Penta would set up the Package Piledriver, but Trent fought free and hit a piledriver of his own. Trent nailed the spear on the outside, and Alex Abrahantes got on the microphone and gave a message from Penta, that his mom sucks.

Alex ran into the ring when Trent grabbed a chair, and OC was looking to attack from behind. Penta would hit him with a superkick, Alex got Trent on the head with a microphone, and Penta dropped him with the package piledriver for the win. What is next for this heated feud? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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