AEW Dynamite Results: Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs. Miro & Kip Sabian [Arcade Anarchy]

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It’s about time to end the issues between Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, Kip Sabian & Miro. This feud has seen Arcade Machines busted, Trent injured with a torn pec, Chuck Taylor becoming Miro’s butler, and the wedding of Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford ruined. All this because of that busted Arcade Machine, so it’s fitting it ends in the first ever Arcade Anarchy Match! No one knows what to expect here, but it’s going to be chaotic.

Chaos In The AEW Arcade

The ring was surrounded with Arcade Machines, and various weapons. There are no rules, but you need to win by pinfall or submission in the ring. This was the debut of Orange Cassidy coming to the ring on Dynamite to ‘Where Is My Mind’ by The Pixies as well.

OC & Taylor attacked fast, but Miro would help to keep things steady. He’d isolate Taylor in the ring and hit a Fallaway Slam. OC was thrown into a Whack-A-Mole machine, but Sabian was sent through the back of it moments later. Sabian was then whacked with the mallet, before Miro ran OC over.

OC was slammed to the floor, before Miro whacked him with the mallet. Best Friends looked for a suplex onto a propped up Barricade, but Miro countered and hit Taylor with the suplex onto it. OC was sent into the ring, as Miro grabbed a steel chair from the prize rack.

Miro would beat OC with some forearm blows, before he set the chair up in the corner. OC barely stopped himself from being hit into the chair on the first attempt, but the will of Miro is not to be denied. However, Taylor diving off a Mortal Kombat machine would take Miro down and OC whacked him with a trash can lid to take him down.

Taylor hit from behind with a kendo stick, and OC from the front with the trash can lid. Miro was laid out, but he’d pull himself up before being rammed down with a barricade. They buried Miro with all the plunder, and got a two count, throwing out the ‘have to pin in the ring’ condition.

Trent Returns In Style

Sabian saved the day, before hitting some quick strikes and a half & half suplex on Taylor outside. Taylor grabbed a teddy bear and had something in mind. It was actually just a bag of Legos, which he poured into the ring, arguably worse than thumb tacks and Sabian powerbombed Taylor onto them for a two count.

OC made the save, and and hit a DDT and Beach Break for a two count. Orange Punch landed, but Penelope Ford pulled the referee out. Ford kicked OC low, and was met by a returning Kris Statlander who was hiding in the UFO Capture machine. She’d send Ford through the Air Hockey table, making an instant impact.

Miro was back up, and threw OC the length of the ring along the floor. He’d grab a steel chair, and go to work on both opponents. He found a table, and set it up. Sue was here with her son Trent, back and healthy. Best Friends are at full power, but Miro kept fighting. He’d take them out before going after Sue and her mini-van. You don’t mess with Sue. Trent would fire up, while Miro was starting to tire.

Miro grabbed an Arcade Cabinet and threw it at Trent but missed. Trent threw a stool at Miro, before spearing him through the table. Sabian was alone, and Taylor hit Awful Waffle off the stage to win!

What is next for Miro after this loss? Is it time for Best Friends to take some gold? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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