AEW Releases Ivelisse Velez

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AEW was recently in the news and it wasn’t due to their product, not directly, anyway, as they released Ivelisse Velez.

As expected, fans have been having their say about the possible reasons after Ivelisse posted a tweet announcing her release.

According to various sites, the now deleted tweet read, “History repeats itself unfortunately. I speak about mistreatment and get let go. That’s life.”

We haven’t seen her on AEW Dynamite or AEW Dark for a while, and the issues reportedly stem from around the time she had her match against Thunder Rosa for the NWA Women’s World Championship on September 16, 2020.

There has been plenty of speculation going around as to why, but after various exchanges with fans online, it appears Ivelisse wasn’t happy with how she was being used.

She reportedly butted heads with coaches and agents backstage prior to being let go today in what appears to be the final stop in a long running issue between her and AEW.

It’s a business

According to Dave Meltzer, she was working with AEW on a per-event deal and not a long term contract, so this appears to be a standard business move but we could be in error as we don’t have the particulars.

There are lots of talk among fans claiming that she has a reputation of being difficult to work with and not taking criticism well, but again we can’t verify that as they’re fans commenting.

To be fair, accusations like those come out when any performer leaves at some point for various reasons and it’s wise to take them with a grain of salt.

Next step

Ivelisse showed us why she has a loyal fanbase when she and Diamonte won the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament in August of 2020.

She’s also remained in fans’ minds despite not wrestling for AEW since a February 24 episode of AEW Dark, with many asking why hasn’t she been used or got another title shot.

This doesn’t mean she won’t be back or go elsewhere, it just means her time in AEW is finished for the moment and that’s something that will sting for many.

Still, there’s little doubt she’ll continue to be a fan favorite as she continues working through the Indie scene, and this may gain her some more fans as people love the underdog in a fight.

We wish Ivelisse Velez nothing but the best and can’t wait to see her in action wherever it is.

What’s your favorite Ivelisse match? Let us know in the comments below.

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