Boxing News: Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Takes Place This Weekend

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There has been a lot of talk in the build up to the Jake Paul and Ben Askren, but the talking will stop this weekend, as they finally step in the ring to do battle. There has been a lot of animosity between the two fighters, but there is no doubt that this will be the biggest test of Paul’s career.

The fight is to take place on PPV, and will be live from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Fans are already predicting which way the fight will go, but it will certainly be a fight a lot of fans will be intrigued by.

Boxing News: Paul And Askren Get Physical

A couple of weeks ago the two fighters were doing some promo for the big fight this weekend, and a clip of the two went viral. In the clip, Paul can be seen getting irritated by Askren turning his back on the YouTuber after the pictures had been taken. He responded by throwing a punch into the side of the former UFC star.

Unfortunately for Paul, it looked as though it didn’t phase the MMA star in the slightest, as he didn’t even break stride while he was walking away. Fans of the social media star would be hoping that wasn’t the best shot that he had to offer, because if it was, it could be a routine night for Askren on Saturday in Atlanta.

Boxing News: Paul Listed As Favourite

The odds for the fight this weekend have been revealed by some of the leading sportsbooks around the world. Many of them have enlisted Jake Paul as the favourite to win the fight. Paul will be entering his third professional fight after previously beating a YouTuber and a former NBA star. The sportsbooks must have seen something in those performances to make him the favourite, but this will be a much harder challenge.

For the first time, he will actually be coming up against an opponent that has fought before, albeit not in a boxing ring but in the octagon. Askren lost two of his three fights in UFC, but that hasn’t stopped Dana White laying a $1 million bet on his former fighter winning the fight. It will be an interesting battle to see which way it goes, and there will be a lot of celebrity boxing fans tuning in to watch it unfold.

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