Is WWE NXT Admitting To Defeat In Wednesday Night Wars To AEW Dynamite With Move To Tuesday?

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There is only one more week of WWE NXT & AEW Dynamite sharing the same Wednesday night timeslot. NXT is moving to Tuesday nights, ending the so-called ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ between the two companies. AEW Dynamite will stay put on Wednesday nights moving forward, and meanwhile Impact Wrestling in preparation decided to jump back to Thursday nights instead of staying and fighting with NXT. Is NXT leaving Wednesday night admitting to losing the Wednesday night wars?

NHL Fires The Final Shot In The Wednesday Night Wars

WWE NXT isn’t leaving Wednesday night due to its performance against AEW Dynamite, despite consistently losing in the ratings. It’s moving due to the NHL of all things. With the NHL’s current Wednesday night home of NBC Sports Network shutting down, it is generally going to be moving to the USA Network.

Rather than dealing with moving between Tuesday & Wednesday as needed, NXT simply found a new weekly home to make things easier. This ends a run that started in 2012 of being Wednesday nights, which started on the WWE Network and the end of Florida Championship Wrestling.

WWE NXT & AEW Dynamite Being On Seperate Nights Is Best For Everyone

After NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver Night One, fans will not have to choose which show to watch live. While some fans do choose to be foolishly dedicated to one show or another, most will choose to just enjoy both shows, as they are consistently some of the best weekly wrestling.

It also lets both shows not have to fight over the same audience, and should see both shows get strong ratings. Both shows still have work to do in pulling in certain viewers, as ratings show that NXT generally pulls in older wrestling fans, and AEW pulls in younger fans.

They want all types of fans watching, so NXT needs to work on pulling in the younger fans, and AEW older fans of wrestling. Groups like MSK could help NXT bring in who they’re looking for, with their fast paced action. Older names like Christian Cage & Sting might slowly help to bring older fans for AEW.

We will have to see what comes now as the situation changes, but the future looks bright. Which show did you watch more during the Wednesday Night Wars? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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Mikey Payne

NXT is NOT moving back to Tuesdays plus NXT is staying on Wednesdays plus AEW is moving to Tuesdays plus NXT won the rating war plus AEW lost the rating war

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