Samuray Del Sol (fka WWE’s Kalisto) Launches Countdown Website

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When it comes to the recent releases from WWE, Kalisto has the best chance to turn this into a positive. Following a split from Lucha House Party that went nowhere, the former United States & Cruiserweight Champion wasn’t doing anything of note. He’s proven time and time again that he’s an incredible luchador, but that style of wrestling isn’t popular with WWE at the moment unless your last name happens to be Mysterio. He’s back to his old name of Samuray Del Sol, and has a website counting down to whatever is next for his career. What could that be? Let’s make some educated guesses.

Samuray Del Sol Would Miss Best Of Super Juniors If He Joined NJPW

One spot that many fans would love to see him pop up is New Japan Pro Wrestling. Their junior heavyweight division hasn’t been doing the best lately, with top star Hiromu Takahashi out with an injury. Add in men like Will Ospreay having left the division to become heavyweights, as well as travel lockdowns due to COVID-19 and NJPW has had a hard time filling that roster back up.

Samuray Del Sol would be incredible alongside men like SHO, El Desperado, Robbie Eagles and El Phantasmo, but if he joins the roster, he’d likely miss Best of The Super Juniors. While last year it ran in the Winter alongside World Tag League, BOSJ typically runs in May or June, but the counter on Samuray’s site ends in the middle of July. It could be possible that the NJPW calendar is different this year, but him being in this tournament simply doesn’t work.

Another Luchador For AEW?

While WWE isn’t exactly loving having luchadors on their roster, AEW is embracing that style to it’s fullest. Looking at someone like Rey Fenix shows that he has no limits on his style, and there are few on the roster who can keep up with him. Even Kenny Omega had issues with Fenix. However, Samuray Del Sol could be one of the men who can hold a candle to the fast paced style of men like Fenix & The Young Bucks.

Many expect AEW to reach out to names like Samoa Joe & The Iconics, but Samuray Del Sol stylistically fits in perfectly. He does risk getting lost in the shuffle, but AEW is also more likely to let him work elsewhere even if he doesn’t have a role on TV, making it a safer bet than being stuck with nothing to do in WWE.

No matter what this site is building too, Samuray Del Sol is doing a great job building some extra hype here. Where would you like to see him? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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