UFC’s Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier Says He’ll RIP Jake Paul’s Face APART & Torture Him, Lays Down Challenge For MMA Fight!

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Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier had an altercation with youtube star turned boxer Jake Paul at UFC 261 last Saturday. This altercation was the result of some trash talk between the two since before the event. DC has opened up about what transpired in Jacksonville and says he’ll take a fight with Jake Paul, but that he actually wants to ‘really’ hurt him and boxing would limit his ability to inflict hellish pain on Paul. Here’s What you need to know.

On the altercation with Paul during UFC 261, Cormier said:

“There are alot of things i can’t handle in my life. One of those things is when a guy is disrespectful in a way that i feel like he wouldn’t be to my face. I can’t deal with that. While doing commentary i saw him in the back and he did weird faces and waved his hand at me. He was heckling me. I was like “what in the world is happening?” I had to take a break from the broadcast to go see him. At first they said i wasn’t allowed to take a break but i said i had to take a few minutes so i just went up and got over there. Because in my mind that’s all i can think about.
So i went over there and he leans in like we’re about to have a friendly conversation. His hands are in his pockets. I just told him to keep my name out his mouth and that im not one to play his games. When he noticed i was being serious his bodyguards surrounded him and he acted like a big boy and was like “sign the contract”.

DC isn’t one to play games, that much we know. The former UFC Heavyweight champion comes off as a fun-loving all around great guy, but he’s an absolute killer when he’s in the octagon and has always taken his craft very seriously. As opposed to Paul who’s just recently transfered to the realm of boxing and who many believe is in it only for the money and just a part timer, DC has lived and breathed wrestling and MMA most of his adult life. 

DC Says He’s open to fighting Jake Paul, but in an MMA fight not a boxing match:

Im not going to chase a payday in boxing because i don’t need it. I made my money as the heavyweight champion of the world. If Paul really wants to fight me, fight me in MMA. I’ll go all the way down to 205. Im living life, im fat, im happy. I’ll go all the way down to 205. This is not going to be fun. Im telling you right now, at 42 years old, bad back and everything, im going to torture him and im going to hurt him. I don’t wanna box him. I don’t wanna fight this kid with a limited sets of rules. Im going to hurt him and then he can go back to fighting these Youtube kids, but don’t think for a second that im going to chase a payday in boxing because i don’t need it. If you really want to fight me, we do it in mixed martial arts and im going to torture him and rip his face apart. Im going to actually hurt him.

What do you think about this potential fight? Is Daniel Cormier being fair in asking for an MMA fight against Jake Paul, or is that a sign of him being afraid of the youtuber in a boxing match? Do you want to see this fight happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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