WWE Raw Results (4/26) – Braun Strowman Defeated Drew McIntyre by Pinfall after both had Help.

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WWE Raw Results returned as McIntyre was asked about Strowman’s stipulation and he said Strowman’s a master complainer and tonight it can only end with a Claymore.

Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman

This should be a good match and the stipulation adds another layer to it.

Strowman and McIntyre circled each other and stared down before their first lock up ended with Strowman shoving him back McIntyre went behind Strowman and locked in a headlock.

Strowman threw hi inti a corner and ran into a elbow. McIntyre went for a shoulder block off the rope to no effect, and Strowman dropped him with his own shoulder block.

McIntyre hit a dropkick on Strowman’s knee and then hit a couple of elbows on it and twisted hit leg but Strowman broke the hold with a right.

Strowman sent McIntyre over the ropes and onto the apron where McIntyre nailed him with a right, then headed to the top rope.

Strowman caught him on the top rope and threw him across the ring and hit a right that sent McIntyre to the floor.

Strowman headed to the floor to start the Express when Bobby Lashley’s music started and he and MVP came out to watch as we headed to commercial.

Upcoming swerve

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Strowman throwing McIntyre into a turnbuckle, and Strowman nailed him with a right, and threw him into the opposite corner.

Strowman went for a powerslam, but McIntyre slipped free and locked in a sleeper hold.

Strowman drove him into a corner and hit a couple of shoulders before McIntyre sidestepped his charge and hit a belly to belly suplex on Strowman.

McIntyre ducked a clothesline and hit a neckbreaker for a pin attempt.

MVP shouted motivation at McIntyre, and McIntyre went for a Claymore, but Strowman caught him and hit a powerbomb for a near pinfall.

Strowman went for a clubbing blow but McIntyre caught his right and hit a series of elbows and a Glasgow Kiss to buy some time.

McIntyre then hit a spinebuster for a near pinfall, and then stomped Strowman’s left arm.

He then went for a future shock DDT, but Strowman picked him up and drove him into the corner and put him on the top rope.

Strowman nailed him with a right and climbed up to hit a superplex for a near pinfall.

Strowman hit a clubbing blow to McIntyre’s chest, and followed it with a splash in the corner.

Outside help

Lashley came distracted the referee so MVP could pull McIntyre out of Strowman’s powerslam.

Strowman knocked MVP off the apron with a right and McIntyre hit a future shock DDT when he turned around, then readied to hit a Claymore when T-Bar and Mace ran in.

McIntyre knocked them off the ring apron and Strowman hit him with a powerslam for the win.

Lashley didn’t look happy as Strowman celebrated his win. Strowman and Lashley then stared each other down, and then McIntyre and Strowman stared each other down before they pointed at Lashley.

This was the perfect way to end the night as Strowman deserves a title shot instead of McIntyre, but at least they managed to rectify that somewhat.

This was a solid match and leaves plenty of questions out there about Mace and T-Bar.

What did you think of the match and show? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining WWE Raw Results. We had a great time and can’t wait until next time.

See you all then!

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