Will WWE 2K22 Be Any Good? 

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On the first night of Wrestlemania, it was revealed that we are getting a 2K22. It was a kind surprising reveal after the disaster that was 2K20.

The constant glitches and bugs that got shared throughout social media which ended with the cancellation of 2K21. Instead of that we got the very arcadic WWE: Battlegrounds.

The game was already in development before the cancelling of 2K21 and fit into the lack of the yearly delay of 2K21. WWE 2K22 is on the way this year and it looks like Rey Mysterio will be the face of the game, with him being the focus of the trailer. 

Is it enough of a break? 

2K20 is known as one of the worst games ever made. The game was nearly unplayable and when it is playable, it’s tedious and boring. Although 2K21 was cancelled, a game did get shoehorned into its place.

It feels like a year completely without a WWE game is needed to truly make a difference from what happened with 2K20.

A year in the gaming industry may not be enough to build a good wrestling game. It could be that they’re going to copy what they did back in 2K20. Know that there is a new wrestling game in development from AEW. WWE may need to up their game. 

Will AEW games be better?

Since the cancellation of 2K21, a new game has been announced in the wrestling genre. AEW has announced they are getting into the gaming industry. This is not a massive surprise as two of the biggest talents in AEW, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega have shown their interest in the gaming industry in the past.

AEW already has an okay casino app that is promoted through there casino themed events. Their new game though is inspired by some of the best WWE games and also has the old developer, Yukes, who was behind WWF No Mercy that is considered as one of the best WWE ever made.

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