WWE NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver Night Two Results: Karrion Kross vs. Finn Balor [NXT Championship Match]

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Karrion Kross is potentially going to be the most commonly forgotten NXT Champion of all time. He defeated Keith Lee to win the title, but got injured in the process forcing him to vacate the belt immediately. Kross has since recovered, and now is looking to take that belt back from Finn Balor. Balor was the one who was able to claim the vacant title by defeating Adam Cole, and has been on another level since.

He’s had classic battles with Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dunne over the belt, but was waiting for Kross to finally step back up. Now, he gets his wish, and will put Kross to the test in what will surely be an intense fight. They both have their strategies here, Kross intends to just run through Balor, but Balor wants to run the clock out and pull Kross into deep waters.

The entrances alone gave this match a big match feel, with Balor using the full cut of his theme song for the first time in ages. No Demon however, he doesn’t need it anymore. Demons are just uncontrolled emotions, and Balor is in complete control of those these days.

They’d stare each other down, and Balor painted an X over this previously injured shoulder, almost a way to mock Kross. Kross won the opening lockup with his power, but Balor just came right back in and started working over that arm. Balor took a knee to the stomach, and he simply smiled at the impact. He’d nab a headlock on Kross, but be thrown off into a shoulder tackle before Balor was thrown across the ring.

Balor would sidestep Kross who ran into the corner shoulder first, doing some damage. Kross would remain calm and collected, and the arm wasn’t useless yet. He’d throw Balor across the ring with a suplex, before tying him in the free of woe and stomp him out before a running knee to the midsection.

Balor looked for an armbar, and would isolate Kross in the ring, but he’d try to grapple his way out, before being hit with a DDT to the arm. That arm was being picked apart, Balor apparently hoping that even if he loses, the belt ends up vacant again. Kross hit a mid-kick to get some ground, before setting up an Oklahoma Stampede, before Balor hit the Final Cut.

Kross sat back up and hit a Northern Lights Suplex before a big lariat to Balor. A big powerbomb dropped Balor, but he’d kick out at two. Balor applied a chokehold before just hitting a double stomp to the chest and a PK. Kross was being punched in the liver, a method that Balor used to beat O’Reilly.

Balor hit the slingblade, but Kross came back with a lariat. Doomsday Saito dropped Balor on his head, and Kross was hitting his final wind. He’d set up that running elbow strike, but Balor sensed him and hit the Pele Kick. Two shotgun dropkicks dropped Kross, and Balor went up top for the Coup De Grace.

Kross kicked out at two and applied the Straight Jacket choke, but Balor rolled out and hit another double stomp. Balor applied the Twister, and Kross was trapped in the middle of the ring. Kross broke free and just beat Balor into the mat with forearms before two Doomsday Saito Suplexes. Balor would be hit with the elbow to the back of the neck, and Kross is now a two time NXT Champion.

What is next for Finn Balor after this loss? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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