WWE NXT UK Prelude Results: Isla Dawn & Kay Lee Ray vs. Emilia McKenzie & Meiko Satomura

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The NXT UK Women’s division has quietly become one of the best in the world, and this match shows exactly why. Last week, Emilia McKenzie made her return to the brand and called out Kay Lee Ray, only to be attacked by Isla Dawn. The legendary Meiko Satomura made the save, and now we have an absolutely stacked tag team match! It will be McKenzies first match on the brand since 2018, and a chance to show just how far she has come.

Meiko Satomura & Kay Lee Ray Fight It Out

McKenzie would start with Dawn and picked up where their brawl from last week left off. Dawn applied a tight headlock, and McKenzie broke free and got a big arm drag before going for a pinfall on Dawn. Satomura got a tag, and Dawn backed off and tagged KLR.

KLR took a kick from Satomura, before turning this one around by simply slamming Satomura into the corner. Dawn & KLR would make quick tags as they stomped her into the corner. Satomura wouldn’t stay isolated forever, and picked Dawn to break out against.

McKenzie got a tag and hit a big running dropkick to the head of Dawn. Dawn slipped to her corner for a tag, and McKenzie took the fight to KLR with a running hurricanrana. McKenzie hit a German Suplex on Dawn who slipped into the ring, before going up top. She’d get some extra momentum by flipping off the top before hitting a spear.

Dawn took away the tag option from McKenzie by pulling Satomura off the apron, allowing KLR to hit a running lariat. Back in again, Dawn would launch some heavy kicks to McKenzie before a backdrop driver. McKenzie wouldn’t stop fighting, and managed a quick cutter to get to the corner for a tag.

Emilia McKenzie Makes The Most Of Her Debut

Satomura & KLR matched up, and Satomura showed her expert level strikes when she got KLR upside the head. Pele kick and Saito Suplex got a two count, with Satomura only letting go to stop Dawn.

KLR would take advantage of this situation by hitting a snap Gory Bomb, but McKenzie before the pinfall up. McKenzie took Dawn out, before Satomura applied the STF on KLR. Dawn helped her get the ropes, before KLR hit a front suplex, setting up a double knee strike on Satomura.

Outside the ring, McKenzie hit KLR with a German Suplex, but inside Dawn hit Satomura with a running knee strike. McKenzie got a tag, and would counter the Fisherman Buster into a roll up for the win!

After the match, Aoife Valkyrie would come to the ring and challenge Meiko Satomura. That’s a serious test for the undefeated Valkyrie, but she’s clearly confident. Can Valkyrie best Satomura? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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