WWE NXT UK Prelude Results: Tyler Bate vs. Noam Dar

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The NXT UK Heritage Cup is becoming a coveted prize for the roster. A-Kid has been excellent in the British Rounds format, and after tonight we will know his next challenger. Tyler Bate was called out for this match by Noam Dar on Supernova Sessions, and they’ll have their best mates in their corners, Trent Seven with Bate & Sha Samuels with Dar.

This could either be a technical wrestling classic, or a dirty fight, and we won’t know until that bell rings. British Rounds rules apply here, meaning six three minute rounds, and best two out of three falls.

May The Best Man Win

Round one would start after A-Kid appeared on the screen to remind them he’s watching. Bate & Dar would lock up before throwing some strikes. It was a total stalemate, and Dar went for a backslide, but Bate would counter out in the corner. Bate got a roll up, and that was the first fall. Not even two minutes in, and Dar is already behind a fall.

Round two would begin with Dar having all the pressure on him. Bate kept things calm with a wrist lock. Dar would next be put into a waist lock, and slipped back into the pinfall on Bate but only got two. Bate would set up a Full Nelson before spinning Dar into a cravat. Dar broke the hold on the ropes and got on the offensive.

Bate would hit back, and regain control, letting him run out the clock on the round. The break would reset the pace, but Dar got some advice from Samuels. Dar would start the round three with some kicks to the leg, before Bate came back with a kick to the back of the knee of Dar.

Dar would hit a spinning back elbow to the face of Bate, and followed up with a tossing back suplex. Bate nailed a knee to the jaw of Dar before hitting the diving uppercut, and going for the airplane spin on Dar. Around and around Dar went, but Bate waited too long to follow up, spinning Dar until the round ended.

Noam Dar & Tyler Bate Go All The Way

Round four would start, and Bate went for another Airplane Spin. Another thirty seconds of spinning and a rebound lariat got Bate a two count, before Dar fought off an exploder suplex attempt with a knee strike. Dar hit a sliding forearm to the side of the head of Bate, before having his arm trapped into a submission.

Bate wouldn’t kept the hold, and Dar fired off some kicks to the leg. The round would end after Bate hit a big blow to the head, and both men collapsed. Round five was the deadline for Dar to get this one back without overtime. Bate started with some quick punches before going for the rebound lariat, and being caught with the Champagne Super Kneebar for the fall!

Round six started with 1-1, and Dar went right for the leg only to be caught into a deadlift German Suplex for a two count. Bate went for the Tyler Driver, but Dar countered into a pinfall. Dar got two, before Bate hit the rolling wheel kick. Sameuls interrupted Bate on the top rope, and a brawl broke out at ringside before Bate and Dar joined in.

Dar sent Bate into the steel steps, but back in the ring Bate blocked Nova Roller with a right hand, and nailed Tyler Driver ‘97 for the win! Can Tyler Bate beat A-Kid on the second try? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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