WWE NXT UK Results: Supernova Sessions With Noam Dar, Special Guest Tyler Bate!

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Say what you will about Noam Dar, but it’s undeniable that Supernova Sessions is the greatest talk show segment in the history of NXT UK! It’s also the only one, but even if there were others, it’d be the best! So far it’s just led to Noam Dar setting up some great matches, like Tyler Bate vs. A-Kid, Jordan Devlin vs. Ben Carter, and Sha Samuels vs. A-Kid! What will he have in store for us this time around?

Noam Dar Welcomes Tyler Bate To Supernova Sessions

Noam Dar would start by reading fammail praising the show, and one piece of mail telling him to get a damn haircut and calling him a loser. There would be no more time to review fanmail, and he’d call out his guest for tonight. It’s the first ever NXT UK Champion, Tyler Bate!

Bate is hot off a win against Bailey Matthews last week, and more importantly thinks Noam Dar looks great and doesn’t need a haircut. Dar would ask Bate about his new zen approach to life, with Bate having recently adapted the principles of Taoism into his life. Bate would just choose to live his life in a way that brings him to a deeper understanding of himself, because it’s mastery of oneself that brings true power.

Dar would put his massive brain to good work on these issues, and realize zen means that no matter how much someone tries to push on Bate’s buttons, he won’t snap. Bate would start to be berated by Dar about his age, his vegan diet, and have a piece of dusty broccoli handed to him, and have a pile of spinach poured on him.

Next Week Bate Meets Dave Mastiff In British Rounds Match

Instead of getting mad, Bate would be thankful for the free meal. Dar would bring up his loss to A-Kid over the Heritage Cup, being zen not helping there. Bate wasn’t ashamed about his loss to A-Kid, he gave his best effort in the end. Next week Bate has to fight Dave Mastiff, but has no fear.

Bate has his sights set on the Heritage Cup, but one bump in the road, and it’ll be a British Rounds match to get him closer to his goal. He’d end up shoving Dar aside, telling him that while he may be zen, he’s no ones doormat. Can Bate beat Mastiff next week? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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