WWE Raw Preview (4/26) – Bobby Lashley Returns; Braun Strowman to Betray Drew McIntyre During their Match Against T-Bar and Mace?

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WWE Raw Preview is all set for some more story building as we inch closer to Backlash next month.

After being absent last week and having MVP “cover” for him, Bobby Lashley will return tonight and we expect him to address Drew McIntyre and maybe T-Bar and Mace.

It looked like they were joining the Hurt Business a couple of weeks ago, but MVP denied it so it appears they’re trying to make a name for themselves off of Drew McIntyre.

This plays into Lashley’s previous attempt to award anyone in the locker room willing to take out McIntyre.

With him officially back tonight, we expect him to interfere and try to take down McIntyre once again.

Rinse, repeat and it feels like March again.

Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre vs. Mace and T-Bar

After winning by disqualification last week and running McIntyre’s handicap record to 5-0, or is it 6-0? an impromptu tag match was set up when Strowman came out to help him.

Near the end of the tag match, McIntyre and Strowman unmasked Mace and T-Bar, respectively, in a not so subtle act, and used their masks to whip them, giving T-Bar and Mace the DQ win.

Afterwards, Mace and T-Bar went on about towering over their opponents, and it prompted a back and forth on social media where McIntyre called out their lack of accomplishments in NXT and the main brand.

So, it looks like this match is going to see McIntyre and Strowman attempt to teach them a lesson, but they may not succeed.

Mace and T-Bar held their own for the most part last week, but McIntyre and Strowman should win while building more drama.

Of course, this is the WWE and WWE Raw Preview will be surprised if there’s not interference or a distraction of some sort by Lashley and/or MVP.

This will lead to Lashley attacking, or attempting to attack McIntyre again.

More likely, Strowman will turn on McIntyre to claim his title shot against Lashley.

Strowman has been pushing for a shot at the title too hard lately not to take advantage of the situation.

If he does, it’ll set McIntyre up in rarified air with Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin to overcome tremendous odds but without the umph behind it.

We love McIntyre, but he needs to step aside for a while since Lashley dominated him at WrestleMania. Maybe he will, and this is how he’ll be injured and Strowman will feud with Lashley.

What do you think will happen tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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