WWE Raw Results (4/12) – Raw Women’s Championship – Rhea Ripley (c) Retains Against Asuka After the Match is Ruled No Contest Following Charlotte Flair’s Assault

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WWE Raw Results have our first WrestleMania rematch of the night, and we’ll be happy if it’s close to being as good as their strong style match was.

They locked up and jockeyed for position before Asuka backed her into a corner. When she broke, Asuka took a swing and Ripley went after her and hit a series of rights as she backed Asuka into the corner.

The ref backed Ripley off, then she charged in and Asuka tried to trip her into the turnbuckle. Ripley caught herself and stomped Asuka.

Ripley then threw her across the ring by her hair, then tossed her aside when Asuka hit a couple of shots to her midsection.

Ripley went for a wheelbarrow but Asuka rolled her up for a pin attempt, then hit a kick on Ripley before Ripley caught her second kick.

Asuka rolled her over and tried to lock in an armbar but Ripley reached the ropes. Ripley then hit a couple of elbows and threw Asuka into the turnbuckle before putting her on the top.

Asuka fought her off, and Ripley hit with a dropkick to drop Asuka to the mat as we headed to commercial.

Asuka gets her second wind

Returning from commercial, they’re both in the ring with Ripley still in control as she had a leg scissors locked in, and then hit a clothesline when Asuka reversed it into a pin attempt.

Ripley slammed Asuka’s head into the turnbuckle and hit a kick for good measure.

Asuka caught her charge with a reverse elbow and then a boot before hitting a missile dropkick.

Asuka hit a lifting knee, a release German Suplex, and hit attack in the corner.

Ripley pushed off her bulldog attempt, so Asuka hit with a series of kicks to drop her, then she hit with a sliding knee for a near pinfall.

Asuka headed to the top rope but missed a missile dropkick as she fell short, and Ripley locked in a standing leg lock but Asuka reached the ropes.

Ripley pulled her off the ropes and slammed her face first into the mat for a near pinfall.

Ripley mocked and shoved Asuka and Asuka hit a couple of strikes before Ripley grabbed her and hit some knees, then went for a dropkick off the ropes.

Asuka dodged the dropkick and went for a running kick that Ripley dodged. Ripley then threw Asuka backwards onto the mat when she was unable to set up the electric chair.

Ripley got her up on her second attempt, but Asuka hammered away, but Ripley managed to turn it into a Samoan Drop type of hold or Asuka tried a crucifix.

Asuka went for a pin attempt, then locked in an armbar. Ripley rolled through it and into a near Asuka Lock.

The Queen won’t wait

Ripley fought out of the Asuka Lock attempt and drove Asuka into the turnbuckle.

She went back to the Electric Chair and dropped Asuka face first into the mat for a near pinfall.

On the ring apron, Asuka shoved Ripley into the ring post and hit a hip attack, then hit a DDT on the apron.

They continued on the floor as Flair came out and shoved them into the ring steps.

Flair threw Asuka into the barricade and beat her down, then hit Ripley with a big boot.

Flair then grabbed Asuka and hammered away with forearms before hitting an exploder into the side of the ring and another running boot.

She hit Ripley with a running boot into the side of the ring and then she mocked both of them for crying before saying, “I’m back.”

WWE Raw Results were pleasantly surprised to see John Morrison and The Miz entered backstage and joined Maryse as she’s their guest on Miz TV tonight.

Getting some laughs

Backstage, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax were watching Mandy Rose’s slip during WrestleMania and enjoying a good laugh.

Rose came up to them and asked if they were done, and Baszler left her and Jax alone.

Rose and Dana Broke attacked Jax and shoved her into a support beam and then took off before Jax got to her feet.

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