WWE Raw Results (4/19) – Riddle Rubs Randy Orton the Wrong Way; Queen’s Gambit

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WWE Raw Results returned as Randy Orton was asked about if the Fiend is gone and Orton said the Fiend will never be heard from in the WWE again as long as he’s around.

He went on to say how McIntyre got lucky last week, so he’ll have to wait to see who wins at Backlash for him to go after the WWE Championship.

Riddle came in and circled Orton and congratulated him on his win and gave him all sorts of props and asked to make a tag team called RK-Bro.

Orton walked off.

Orton’s demands

Randy Orton arrived in Adam Pearce’s office and said he’s sick and tired of the lack of respect he gets and asked who the goofball on the scooter was. He then said he doesn’t care who he is.

He said a lesson needs to be learned in the ring and he wants him in the ring tonight.

Flair’s confident

Charlotte Flair went to the ring and said she came back last week to demand respect from the women’s locker room and WWE Universe and she didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

She was just expressing how she felt, and she’s the biggest star in the division and if anyone doesn’t want to believe that, then asked why was she talked about in every headline.

She pointed out how they’re all fake and doesn’t know why they’re mad at her since they didn’t lose an opportunity to her.

She pointed out she can beat Rhea Ripley and Asuka in the same night and that’s why she’s called the Opportunity.

She respects Asuka, but it doesn’t mean she has to like her and she’s going to show Asuka how much she doesn’t like her.

Asuka’s music started and cut Flair off and she came out to the ring.

Before Asuka could say anything, Ripley came out.

Flair asked if they’re going to gang up on her and that it’s not very nice.

She then told Ripley to sit in a chair and take her notes. Ripley said she’ll accept that off, but she knows Asuka will beat her.

Flair then asked Asuka if she heard that, then told Asuka to shut up and told her she’s the one that ended her streak.

Flair kept cutting Asuka off, but Asuka finally shouted that she’ll beat Flair tonight.

Backstage, Riddle raced passed Orton and told him he’ll see him in the ring. Orton really looks pissed. WWE Raw Results think they’ll work great together. What do you think?

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