WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night Two Results: Randy Orton Defeats The Fiend Via RKO

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Randy Orton is no stranger to Bray Wyatt at this point. They’ve been allies and rivals, but things have heated up majorly in the past year. Orton had one of his best years on record, while The Fiend really started to deliver on it’s terrifying lore. The Fiend was set ablaze at TLC 2020, but came back at Fastlane more twisted than ever, when The Fiend helped Alexa Bliss defeat Orton!

Tonight will likely be the final clash in this feud, as The Fiend & Randy Orton take the ring for Wrestlemanias most unpredictable match. Last time they met at Wrestlemania, it involved a projector displaying maggots on the ring, so the bar isn’t set high for them tonight, and hopefully they can top that encounter.

Alexa Bliss Summons The Fiend, Who Is Good As New!

Before The Fiend would make it his way to the ring, suddenly his burnt image was healed by… magic? Who knows with The Fiend, but Alexa Bliss signaled his arrival for Orton by making her entrance. There was a giant Jack-In-The-Box, and she’d crank the giant crank, to see what was inside. The Fiend would rise up, and looked as ready for battle as ever before.

Randy Orton would be hit with a diving clothesline off the box, before The Fiend hit a uranage. Orton was hit with the neck snap, and all mental edge that he had after charring The Fiend was gone. The Fiend would let Orton get back to his feet, and Orton slipped to the outside. He’d hit a backdrop onto the announce table, but The Fiend just came back with the Mandible Claw.

It Just Takes One RKO

Orton fought out and hit the DDT off the second rope in the ring, but again, no damage on The Fiend. The Fiend would be hit with some kicks to the jaw, before a second rope hung DDT, and again? No real damage done. The Fiend would rise up, as Orton stomped the hands. Fiend nailed the running crossbody block, before pummeling Orton and missing a running senton.

Orton would send The Fiend to the outside, and again hit kicks and a rope hung DDT for the third time. He’d signal for the RKO, but The Fiend countered with the Mandible Claw. The Fiend set up Sister Abigail as fire came from the ring posts and Alexa Bliss started to ooze black liquid… before Orton hit an RKO for the win? Orton fled the ring, and The Fiend & Bliss vanished after the lights flicked off.

Is this the end of The Fiend vs. Randy Orton? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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