WWE Raw Results (4/26) – Alexa’s Playhouse; Charlotte Flair Defeated Mandy Rose w/Dana Brooke via Natural Selection

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Bliss welcomed WWE Raw Results while she played with Lily and said she’s a true BFF as she understands her and is a mentor and devil on her shoulder.

She said we can all have a Lily of out own and told us to look into her eyes and think dark, twisted thoughts.

She added that we all have them, and told us to say, “Lily, Lily, Lily,” and picture something peaceful. Take a deep breath; inhale, exhale, and think about how peaceful it is and Lily screamed.

Bliss got a good laugh and said it was Lily’s idea and she can be a little mischievous at times.

She thinks Lily’s getting restless on their playground, so she’s going to play with the rest of the WWE but don’t blame her for what happens next.

She then said, “Lily made me do it.”

Charlotte Flair vs. Mandy Rose w/Dana Brooke

They started off circling each other before locking up and Flair slapping on a wrist lock.

Rose somersaulted to relieve the pressure and locked in her own wrist lock, and Flair did the same and slammed Rose down.

Rose took her down and used a jackknife pin attempt.

Flair then caught her with a clothesline and went for a pin attempt and put her feet on the ropes, but Brooke pushed her feet off the ropes.

Flair told her to shut up and Rose hit her with a right and dropkick, then followed it with several shoulders in the corner.

Flair caught her with a knee, then threw Rose into the corner and put her on the top roep.

Rose hit her with a right and then a missile dropkick for a near pinfall.

Rose sent Flair into a corner and hammered away with rights and kicks, then threw her into a corner but Flair stopped as the ref was between her and the turnbuckle and yelled at him about getting out of her way.

Flair hit a kick for a near pinfall, and Flair wasn’t happy he didn’t make the three count. She kept after him about counting to three and Rose rolled her up for a near pinfall.

Rose hit with a knee strike and another pin attempt.

Flair caught Rose in the corner and hit a backbreaker and a Natural Selection for the win.

Flair pulled her hand away from the ref when he tried to raise it for the win and celebrated on her own.

She demanded the ref holds the ropes open for her. WWE Raw Results aren’t surprised that she’s acting so entitled. We’re just surprised she didn’t find an excuse to attack the ref again this week.

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