WWE Smackdown Results (4/2) – Seth Rollins Backs Off

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Backstage, Adam Pearce was talking with Sonya Deville when Paul Heyman came in for what WWE Smackdown Results expects to be some used car salesman talk.

Heyman said Reigns asked him to come to them with a small legality and indemnity clause that stripes Jey of all liability in his match with Bryan.

Pearce started to say he should’ve expected that and Deville cut him off by saying he made a very good point and Heyman agreed before heading out.

Seth Rollins’ head games continue

Seth Rollins came out to give us another speech about Cesaro. Wonder how much trouble Rollins will get into this week?

Corey Graves was in the ring with him and Cesaro, and Rollins told him to refer to him as Mr. WrestleMania.

Graves then started with Cesaro, though Rollins made a brief stink about it, and said Rollins has made a point out of talking about Cesaro’s lack of WrestleMania experience.

He asked if it’s the breakthrough moment Cesaro’s been promising, and Cesaro said it’s the biggest match of his career and Rollins may be right about his shortcomings, but he won’t fail.

He said there’s something in the air and sang a verse about swinging in the air.

Graves turned his attention to Rollins and asked if being swung so often means anything and Rollins said they can’t shake him because he’s unshakable during the WrestleMania time of year.

He compared his matches to the Mega Powers Explode and Austin and the Rock, as well as Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant.

Graves told him no one questioning his record or abilities at WrestleMania, then asked Cesaro if he can defeat Rollins.

Rollins backs down

Cesaro said he wouldn’t be there if he couldn’t and he promised to embarrass Rollins again.

Rollins said he’s unshakable, and Cesaro said he may be unshakable but he’s not unswingable and started counting them off.

Rollins chased Graves out of the ring and tore into Cesaro about him being at a bottom level while he’s at the top.

He said he’ll embarrass Cesaro so bad his reputation won’t save him and then promised to end him right there and then to keep him from reaching WrestleMania.

Cesaro told him to take a swing, but Rollins backed off and left the ring.

Honestly, is we were wearing his suit we’d get out of the spotlight, too.

All joking aside, WWE Smackdown Results expects their match to possibly the match of the night at WrestleMania.

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