WWE Smackdown Results (3/5) – Bianca Belair w/Sasha Banks and Reginald Defeated Shayna Baszler w/Nia Jax by Pinfall; Cesaro Defeated Murphy by Submission

Belair hit the KOD (Kiss of Death) for the win; Cesaro slapped on the sharpshooter to force Murphy to tap out

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Shayna Baszler went for a wrist manipulation right off the initial lockup.

Bianca Belair responded by picked her up but Baszler slipped free and locked in a side headlock.

Belair reversed the hold and Baszler whipped her into a corner and Belair flipped over her and somersaulted across the ring.

Belair then hit a shoulder block, but Baszler caught her dropkick attempt and went for an ankle or leg lock.

Belair kicked out of it and then ducked a running kick to roll Baszler up for a pin attempt.

Belair rolled her up into a cradle for another pin attempt, and Baszler then went for another wrist lock and they repeated their initial set up.

Except this time, Baszler caught Belair with a kick when she tried to flip over her. Baszler hit a running knee for a pin attempt.

Baszler went for her wrist lock again, and fell back, snapping Belair’s left arm and wrist.

Belair sidestepped a knee in the corner, and then countered another wrist lock with a body slam.

Belair hit a right and then a series of shoulders and kicks in the corner before hitting a suplex and then kipped up.

She hit Baszler with a backdrop and a double chicken wing but Baszler got loose and flipped Belair to the floor.

Belair shoved Reginald back though he wasn’t doing anything and slipped into the ring and ate a rising knee from Baszler.

Jax shoved Reginald into Banks at ringside, then charged. Reginald dove out of the way and Jax ran over Banks.

Baszler went for a Coquina Clutch, and Belair picked her up again and hit a KOD for the win.

After the match Belair gave Reginald grief, then Banks nailed him with a right and told him to give Carmella her best.

Belair really needs to find a different counter than picking everyone up. It works, but three times in a match is a bit much for out taste.

Backstage, Jey was working himself up for his match and Reigns told him if he wins the Universal Championship is safe until WrestleMania.

Reigns doesn’t mind defending it at Fastlane, but if Jey loses he’ll embarrass himself and his family, and he told Jey not to embarrass his family.

Murphy vs. Cesaro

And here WWE Smackdown Results thought Rollins refused his help. Guess we were mistaken.

Speaking of the devil, Seth Rollins came out to join the commentary team. This should be interesting, even if we expect him to interfere at some point.

Cesaro hit a front slam right off the bat, then hefted Murphy up for a gut wrench suplex for a pin attempt.

Cesaro caught him off the ropes with a backbreaker for a near pinfall.

Murphy flipped Cesaro to the floor and hit a kick and then a somersault over the top rope before he sent Cesaro into the ring. Murphy headed to the top rope and hit a meteora for a near pinfall.

Murphy then kicked Cesaro in the back, and then jumped off the second rope and into an uppercut.

Cesaro then hit with a series of running uppercuts in the corners as he threw Murphy from one to the other and back again. Cesaro then hit a big boot off the ropes and then swung Murphy.

Cesaro then slapped on the sharpshooter and Murphy tapped out.

Rollins gave Cesaro a standing mocking ovation and the two smiled at each other. This is going to be a fun one to watch going forward.

WWE Smackdown Results just wish Murphy would’ve had a better return to action, but there’s always next week.

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