WWE Smackdown Results (4/9) – Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Jey Uso Won After Eliminating Shinsuke Nakamura

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WWE Smackdown Results thinks this will be interesting with so many high fliers taking part. Doesn’t feel right without a bunch of giants taking part anymore.

Things started fast and they went after each other and a couple were on the ropes early on.

Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander threw Akira Tozawa out to start things off, then they hammered down Tucker before tossing him out.

The rest of the group ganged up on them and Benjamin was quickly tossed out by a handful of participants, with Alexander quickly following as we headed to commercial.

Mace and T-Bar make a statement

Back from commercial, T-Bar worked on eliminating Drew Gulak while Elias and Jaxson Ryker eliminated Erik in his return.

Gulak held onto T-Bar, so Mace came over and they tossed him out.

Mace and T-Bar double choke slammed Humberto Carrillo to the floor and onto Gulak.

Elias hit a knee on Slapjack to send him to the floor after Ryker worked him over.

T-Bar and Mace eyed Elias and Ryker for eliminating their friend and they traded blows before T-Bar and Mace eliminated Elias and Ryker respectively.

Mustafa Ali grabbed Mace by the leg and eliminated him while he and T-Bar growled at Elias and Ryker.

T-Bar grabbed Ali and put him on the rope while shoving Murphy away, and Ali managed to drag T-Bar over with a leg scissors while staying alive.

Murphy then hit Ali with a knee and Lucha House Party seemed to start coming together, but Dorado and Metalik turned on him and kicked him off the top rope.

Metalik then eliminated Dorado and Corbin Tossed Metalik over the rope as we headed to commercial.

Jey takes it

Back from commercial, Angel Garza and Murphy fought on the ring apron by exchanging forearms.

Garza hit a series of elbows and Murphy ripped his pants off, then hit Garza with a big boot.

Corbin knocked Murphy off the apron and into the barricade to eliminate him.

Garza and Nakamura squared off, and Nakamura eliminated him with a knee.

Ali and Ricochet squared off as Nakamura hit Jey Uso with a kick and Corbin nailed Nakamura with a right and stomped him.

Ricochet and Ali were on the apron and Ricochet hit with a running knee and a leg scissors to send Ali to the floor.

Ricochet hit Jey with a shoulder but was caught with a right by Corbin to hang him up on the ropes, and Jey eliminated him with a superkick.

Corbin and Jey went after Nakamura and hammered him down, then took turns stomping Nakamura.

Jey hit Corbin with a superkick and sent him to the apron, and Nakamura sent Jey to the opposite apron.

Nakamura eliminated Corbin with a running knee.

Nakamura hit a series of strieks and a kick and an STO. Jey hit a superkick and Nakamura nailed him with a kinsasha, but Jey reversed the elimination attempt by sending Nakamura over the top rope.

This was a better match than WWE Smackdown Results expected and Jey winning could put him in line for the Head of the Table if Reigns loses at WrestleMania.

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