WWE Raw Results (4/5) – Bobby Lashley w/MVP Defeated Cedric Alexander w/Shelton Benjamin by Pinfall

Lashley slapped on the Hurt Lock for the win

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WWE Raw Results weren’t surprised when MVP joined the commentary team again and Benjamin jumped Lashley from behind before the bell rang and they both pounded on Lashley.

Lashley threw Alexander back and started beating on Benjamin, but they kept after him.

Benjamin tossed Alexander aside and hit a series of knees on Benjamin before tossing him to the floor.

The bell finally rang and Alexander ducked under Lashley and his a series of strikes, but Lashley dropped him with a single right.

Lashley then hit a body slam and threw him in a corner and hit a series of shoulders, then a neckbreaker.

Lashley then threw Alexander across the ring a couple of times and then threw him to the floor.

Lashley went out after him and Alexander slipped into the ring and jumped Lashley when he came in, but Lashley tossed him across the ring again.

Lashley then hit a running shoulder in the corner, and then a suplex. Lashley threw Alexander to the floor again.

Lashley slammed him into the ring post as we headed to commercial.

Alexander comes close

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Lashley still in control with a neck hold on Alexander.

Alexander landed some body blows and a reverse kick and dropkick, but ran into a flatliner.

Lashley threw him to the floor once again and followed him out and jawed with Benjamin before he picked up Alexander to drive him into the ring post again.

Benjamin pulled Alexander off his shoulders and Lashley turned his attention to Benjamin.

Alexander shoved Lashley into the ring post and steps, then hit a suicide dive to drive Lashley into the barricade, then a second one.

Lashley threw him into the ring, and Alexander hit a Neuralizer and kick to the head. Alexander then hit a missile dropkick for a pin attempt.

Alexander kept hammering on him and hit a kick, but Lashley caught him in a flatliner of sorts that looked rough.

Lashley then hit a face plant and then an Almighty Spinebuster, and closed it off with a Hurt Lock.

Lashley refused to let go, so Benjamin went after him and ate a flatliner for his efforts.

Lashley then locked a Hurt Lock on Benjamin.

Bad Bunny’s respect

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest came out to address the Miz and Morrison’s work of art.

After a recap, Priest said they crossed the line because they’re yesterday’s news.

He said Miz is so concerned with Bunny that he couldn’t hold onto the WWE Championship for more than a week.

Priest then challenged Miz and Morrison to face Bunny and Priest in a tag match at WrestleMania.

Bunny said he came there just to follow his dreams and that he loves this business and every superstar.

He said he used to watch all the shows and pay-per-views with his friends and family and has a lot of great memories, but now he doesn’t know how to feel.

He came there to have fun and do his job and he’s grateful for being able to write a song for Booker T and he loves him and the other Legends.

Bunny said he used to respect and love the Miz, but Miz hasn’t respected him since the first day for no reason. He said he’s not a professional wrestler but he’s a man.

He listed the ways Miz has disrespected him from going after his DJ to his fans, but there was no reason to attack him with a guitar or paint his car.

He added that he respects the Miz, but the Miz doesn’t respect him and he crossed the line. He doesn’t know why and he doesn’t care, and he’ll shut the Miz up at WrestleMania.

The Miz and Morrison interrupted with faux applause on the titantron and Miz told Bad Bunny that he doesn’t belong in the WWE and they’ll send him away crawling after WrestleMania.

Morrison then said they accept their challenge and the two climbed into a limo and drove off.

Whelp, looks like WWE Rae Results got our expected tag team match.

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