AEW Double Or Nothing Results Buy In: Serena Deeb Submits Riho With Serenity Lock To Retain NWA Women’s Championship

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To kick off AEW Double Or Nothing 2021, we have a single match on the Buy In. Serena Deeb holds the historic NWA World Women’s Championship, and will once again defend the championship on AEW programming. This time she takes on the first ever AEW World Women’s Champion, the 23 year old wonder of Riho. Riho has a singles win over Deeb, but this one can go either way. These are two of the best wrestlers in the world on a pound by pound level.

Serena Deeb Gets The Crowd Against Her

The crowd was hot to start this match as Deeb grabbed a headlock. Riho was able to shove her off only to take a shoulder tackle. She’d be able to slip out of the pinfall and go for a dropkick, which Deeb was able to dodge. Riho offered a handshake, and Deeb slapped her upside the head instead.

Deeb got a receipt, and would go after Riho with some uppercuts before being dropped with a cartwheel dropkick. Riho went to the top rope and crashed down with a crossbody for a two count. Deeb countered a sunset flip with an attempt at the Serenity Lock, but Riho went to the ropes.

Riho took a dragon screw leg whip which would slow her down, and allowed Deeb to slingshot her into the bottom rope. The crowd was cheering her at first, but she has been able to get them against her with underhanded attacks. Some more uppercuts dropped Riho and Deeb went for the surfboard stretch, but instead just stomped the knees of Riho into the mat.

Deeb would apply an abdominal stretch, before Riho slipped out and ended up in a cravat. Riho again slipped out, and Deeb fled to the apron to apply a choke hold through the ropes. Referee Rick Knox gave her a five count, but she’d release and re-apply, bending the rules before hitting a neckbreaker in the ropes.

Defense #7

A modified Gory Special would be applied, before Deeb used it to set Riho up on the top rope before going for a superplex. Riho fought her off and nailed the diving foot stomp, crushing Deeb but the damage to the leg slowed her down and didn’t allow a cover.

Riho would fire off some strikes to Deeb, before being thrown into the corner. A flying headscissor and drop toehold set up a Tiger Feint kick for a two count. Deeb would apply an octopus hold, only to be countered into a Northern Lights Suplex.

Riho put Deeb across the middle rope for a foot stomp but missed. A dragon screw through the ropes would damage Riho’s leg even more, before Deeb hit a swinging neckbreaker. Riho tried to kick Deeb off but took a double dragon screw and a powerbomb for a two count.

Deeb would set up Deeb-tox, but Riho countered with a back body drop. A rising knee strike and snap dragon suplex would take Deeb down. Riho nailed a diving foot stomp to the back of Deeb, before looking for the double knee strike. Deeb countered seamlessly into a single leg crab, and forced Riho to grab the ropes. Riho countered Deeb-tox into a European Clutch, but Deeb got the Serenity Lock and forced the submission.

This was a perfect match to get a crowd going. Riho is one of their greatest babyfaces, and Deeb played the heel role to perfection in a simple but smooth showcase. Nothing that will reach a match of the year list, but played it’s role perfectly. Match Rating: 3.75/5 (*** 3/4)

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