Impact Wrestling Speculation – Are Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake Bringing the Forgotten Sons to Impact Wrestling

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During the WWE’s yearly roster cleaning, they releases Wesley Blake and previously in February they released Steve Cutler for allegedly having COVID and we’re on a countdown until the Forgotten Sons return in some way.

While it struck many as odd and/or wrong for various reasons, it opened the door for other possibilities for the duo.

A couple of weeks ago, Cutler held a “Ask me anything” segment in his Instagram stories. A couple of the questions caught our eye.

One fan asked when will Cutler be in a ring again and he shared a countdown clock until his 90 days non-compete clause runs out.

To make it more interesting, another fan, or maybe even the same one, asked him when will he team with Wesley Blake again and he answered with another countdown clock for Blake’s 9 day non-compete clause.

This gave the impression they intend to continue working together when they’re able to, and this has led to us imagining them stepping into an Impact Wrestling ring.

Ties to Impact

Steve Cutler is with Deonna Purrazzo, Impact’s Knockouts Champion, and it seems like a definite possibility that he could go there with Blake in tow.

Not only would he get to work in the same company as his wife, but if they reform the Forgotten Sons, albeit under another name since the WWE probably owns the rights to it, there are plenty of possibilities.

One of the biggest rivalries we can imagine would be between them and the Good Brothers.

Blake and Cutler have been praised for being great in ring workers and Blake reportedly offered to help others in the WWE Performance Center, so they can step right in with the big dogs and have a run.

The Good Brothers have all sorts of potential to be a dominate team, and we think they and the Forgotten Sons could have one of the more epic feuds we’ve seen in a while.

It’d also add a solid team to a growing tag team division and give Impact’s fans more reason to tune in.

Of course, they could always go to AEW or tour the Indie circuit as they continue opening up across the country.

Wherever they go we’re sure they’ll make an impact and add to whatever company they work with. Where do you think they’ll go and what rivalries would you like to see them involved in?

Let us know in the comments below.

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