WWE Smackdown Results (12/4) – King Corbin (w/Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) Defeated Murphy (w/Aalyah, Dominik, and Rey Mysterio) by Pinfall

Corbin hit an End of Days for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results tuned in as they locked up and Corbin drove Murphy into the corner and hit a couple of shoulders.

Murphy leaped at him, but Corbin caught him and drove him back into the corner and then threw Murphy across the ring.

Corbin hefted Murphy over the ropes and threw Murphy across the ring.

Murphy hit a couple of knees and a jawbreaker that forced Corbin to back into a corner. Murphy charged but Corbin lifted him over the ropes.

Murphy landed on the apron and hit Corbin with a shoulder through the ropes, and tried to hit a sunset flip off the top rope.

Corbin picked him up and hammered on him before Murphy hit with a leg scissors and a swinging kick through the ropes.

Murphy hit with a kick on the apron and followed Corbin to the floor.

Corbin drove him into the ring apron, then threw him into the time keeper’s area as we headed to commercial.

Corbin plays the odds

Back from commercial, the action was back in the ring and Corbin was in control with an elbow to Murphy’s back to drive him into the mat.

Corbin threw Murphy into the corner, and slid under the ropes when Murphy ducked and ducked a clothesline to hit a slam for a near pinfall.

Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake faced off with the Mysterios outside the ring as Corbin beat on Murphy.

Corbin then hit a running punch, and then a second. Murphy countered a third attempt with a kick to the knee and a reverse chin lock.

Corbin drove him into the corner twice before the referee made them break. Murphy then hit a missile dropkick and the two exchanged rights before Murphy hit a series of kicks,

Murphy then caught Corbin with a knee that knocked Corbin out of the ring.

Murphy threw Corbin into the ring and hit a kick after ducking a right from Corbin. As Murphy climbed to the top rope, Cutler and Blake charged Rey and Dominik and quickly overpowered them.

Murphy went to help the Mysterios and chased them into the ring where Corbin hit an End of Days on Murphy for the win.

This was perfect payback for last week and WWE Smackdown Results loved it.

Backstage, the Street Profits talked about the main event when Robert Roode and Cesaro came up to them and the four of them started jawing about a championship match.

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