NJPW And WWE Are In Talks Of A Partnership And Closing The Forbidden Door

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WWE has been making some big moves to show that change is happening with WWE. However, change for WWE seems to be big changes for the industry as a whole. The fun sponge that WWE is.

They now seem like they are trying to partner with NJPW making WWE the exclusive partner with NJPW. One of the best talent pools in the world. If this partnership took place, it would mostly end partnerships with Impact Wrestling and AEW. That has recently been happening.

In The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Wrestling Observer mentioned that Nick Khan is the figurehead behind this deal. Seemingly, after companies like AEW, Impact and NJPW.

Nick Khan has been getting more control of the company yet, making this one of the biggest changes he could be making. No information has been released on what this deal will be like, but it seems like there has been some speculation on the partnership.

NJPW exclusivity

It seems like this may be a way to keep NJPW exclusively with WWE in the United States. It would stop NJPW stars from going to Impact and AEW. NJPW seemingly wouldn’t go down this route if they didn’t get something in return.

WWE wrestlers would also wrestle in NJPW. It could mean that contracts with the likes of Jon Moxley or Jericho could change, or maybe it could end up seeing the likes of Jon Moxley and Jericho go up against WWE talent on the NJPW platform.

A lot of change is in the air in the wrestling industry, and we at the Overtimer will keep you updated.

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