WWE Raw Results (5/3) – Braun Strowman Wins the Coin Toss

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

This looks like it’s going to be a fun night as WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will be in action and we expect to see the women’s and Raw tag titles on the line.

There’s plenty of time to chat, so let’s get to the action!

Flip of a coin

The show opened backstage with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville talking with MVP. Pearce told him he doesn’t want to remind him what Lashley said last week.

MVP corrected him to say “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley and that he should remind him that Lashley said he can beat McIntyre or Strowman.

Pearce flipped a coin to decide when McIntyre came in and mocked MVP for being worried.

The coin toss came up for Braun Strowman to face Lashley, and of course he came in and said he’ll beat Lashley like he beat McIntyre last week.

McIntyre listed Mace and T-Bar and Pearce said he doesn’t need their help.

Strowman said he’ll show the whole world what’ll happen at Backlash.

MVP told him he shouldn’t get close to Lashley’s championship, and added once Lashley puts him in the Hurt Lock it’s all over.

Tag team trash talk

AJ Styles and Omos came out to their first introduction as Raw Tag Team Champions.

In the ring, Styles gave those of us that didn’t turn into WrestleMania we missed them defeating the New Day to win the tag titles.

Styles then pointed out it was his first match and he wrecked then, and he’ll do it again tonight.

But before Omos throws them around like rag dolls, Styles asked the WWE Universe if we missed them.

He said of course we did, and then how he knows we have questions like where they’ve been.

Styles said they went to party and celebrate in the Caribbean because they had better things to do than throw tomatoes.

He then said officially he’s a grand slam champion and it only took him five years. He didn’t want to make New Day jealous, and they’re there for one reason.

New Day’s music started and they came out.

Styles said he liked the hood and gloves since they remind him of himself.

Woods and Kingston said they weren’t sure if they still worked there. Woods then said they love to see it because that’s the kind of work ethic they used as tag champions.

Kingston reiterated that’s what they did in showing disrespect to the tag division.

He then said with all jokes aside, there is a reason the New Day is 11 time tag team champions, and it’s because every time they get knocked down they get back up and win their titles back every time.

Kingston pointed out that Styles can take shots at their careers, but on his greatest night when he won the WWE Championship he came the next night because that’s the kind of champion he is.

Omos said he had enough of them and he’ll make sure neither of them laugh after their match tonight.

Woods the said the New Day is about to become the 12 time tag team champions.

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