WWE Raw Results (4/26) – Bobby Lashley’s Disrespected, RKBro is Born; Competition for Nia Jax

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WWE Raw Results was all set when Bobby Lashley came out with MVP.

Lashley said he did exactly what he said he would do by walking out of WrestleMania as WWE Champion.

He commanded respect after making McIntyre pass out, and the respect from the live audience felt great.

He then compared McIntyre to a crumpled up dollar bill on the street no one cares about, then said he’s a piece of bubble gum on the bottom of his shoe he can’t get rid of.

He said he’ll beat McIntyre at Backlash again, and raised the question of it possibly being a triple treat match.

MVP stepped in and asked why the WWE would treat him so disrespectfully and any decision has to go through Lashley.

Lashley added that any decision made without their authorization shows disrespect.

MVP pointed out that’s how he lost the United States Championship, and ran down how Lashley can lose his title and not have a hand in the outcome.

He called it disgusting, disrespectful, and unfair.

Lashley said they know he can beat them one on one, but he may have to come out and observe them during their match and promised he’ll leave Backlash as WWE Champion.

Giving it a shot

Backstage, Riddle was asked how he feels after beating Randy Orton last week.

Riddle said he’s on cloud 12, and that Orton is a big, scary snake and he squashed him last week like a sexy mongoose.

Orton told him he doesn’t know where he’s from and they have nothing in common. He said he underestimated Riddle last week.

He wanted to teach Riddle respect, and he ended up somewhat earning his respect.

He then offered to give their new tag team called RK-Bro a test run tonight and he already set it up.

Orton silenced him when he started to ramble and said they’ll see how it goes in the ring and maybe they’ll have a chat.

Surprise gift

WWE Raw Results were backstage when Nia Jax questioned how Flair was reinstated and called her a spoiled brat like Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

Shayna Baszler told her to forget them since they don’t need any more distractions and told Reginald that goes for him.

Jax told her that was her fault on Friday, and Baszler said that’s fine but no more distractions.

Flowers were delivered to Jax and she asked Reginald if he sent them, and Angel Garza came up to her and said he got them for her and went into his usually romantic angle.

Jax and Reginald continued walking and she threw the flowers into Mandy Rose’s face and walked off laughing.

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