WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night One Results: AJ Styles & Omos Dominate The New Day, Become RAW Tag Team Champions

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The New Day are no strangers to big matches, and tonight that’s exactly what they will be in-store for. They have a proven veteran in AJ Styles and a giant in Omos that is truly unpredictable, as he’s never wrestled a match before. Can The New Day even take this 7’3 giant off his feet if he tags in? That’s the question Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston will look to answer tonight. If AJ Styles wins here, he also gets to call himself a Grand Slam champion!

AJ Styles Gets Isolated By The New Day

After a passionate intro from Big E, The New Day hit the ring for their biggest challenge yet at Wrestlemania. They’ve actually never won a match at Wrestlemania, despite their tenure. Styles was confident with his 7’3 giant nearby, who didn’t even wear normal gear. When you’re that big, you don’t need gear. Omos is truly a wildcard, but he’s been hyped up with his training.

The belts were raised, and Omos would want to start the match with Kofi Kingston. Fans would call for Styles instead, and got their wish. Styles would start and take Kingston down, before narrowly avoiding the S.O.S and look for the Calf Crusher. Kingston countered, and dumped Styles back with a suplex.

Styles ran into a dropkick, but Kingston only got a one count. Woods tagged in and tripped Styles up for an elbow drop. The New Day cut the ring in half, and Woods did the commentary job by yelling exactly that. Kingston would pummel Styles, before New Day set up the Unicorn Stampede. Omos could just stand and watch, and wait for this moment.

Woods took Styles down into a side headlock, and ensured that he stayed as far away from Omos at all costs. Kingston was tagged back in, and we were seeing textbook tag team wrestling from The New Day, who hit a double team bulldog for a two count. Styles would have enough, and ran around the ring to try to make a tag, but Woods shoved him outside and hit a running dropkick.

Omos Is Set Loose

Kingston tagged in and hit a crossbody on Styles, and he was essentially wrestling this as a handicap match. Styles was pulled back by his tights, before Woods dragged him back to the New Day corner where Kingston hit a splash to the back. Woods was on the top rope as Styles got the opening, and Omos got the tag.

Omos dwarfed Woods, and he was angry. Woods threw some testing kicks, but nothing. A dropkick saw him bounce off, and so did a crossbody. Kingston tagged in and was caught in mid-air, and thrown aside. Omos would hit some running back elbows in the corner, before nailing woods with a backbreaker.

Woods was bent over the knee, and had the giant hand over his face like a claw. Omos hit a backbreaker on Kingston as well, and Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm off his shoulders to Kingston. Kingston was pulled up, and dropped with a spinebuster before Omos pinned with one foot. New tag team champions!

What can stop Omos? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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