Impact Wrestling Results (6/3) – BTI (Before The Impact) – X-Division Championship 60 Minute Ironman Match – Josh Alexander (c) w/Petey Williams Survived against TJP w/Fallah Bahh for a 2-1 Sudden Death Overtime Win to Retain the Title

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

Tonight looks like it’s going to be an awesome one with plenty of fun matches in store for us, so let’s buckle up and get ready for the ride!

BTI (Before The Impact) – X-Division Championship 60 Minute Ironman Match – Josh Alexander (c) w/Petey Williams vs. TJP w/Fallah Bahh

We’ve been looking forward to this match all week, and we’re sure it’s going to be a classic and one of the best matches of the year regardless of promotion.

Can’t wait to see if our prediction will be right or wrong.

They started off feeling each other out and looking for a quick opening, but it resulted in reversals and a fun chess match.

We returned from the commercial break with Alexander locking a wrist lock in and TJP reversed it into a knee lock, and the reversals continued.

TJP slapped on a leg lock, and countered Alexander’s escape attempt into a chicken wing. Alexander managed to slip out and locked in an armbar and went to work on TJP’s left arm.

After numerous reversals, TJP his a hurricanranna to send Alexander to the floor, , but Alexander dodged his winging dropkick off one corner, but not the other while Alexander was distracted by Bahh on the floor.

TJP hit a suplex and transitioned from a Three Amigos to a side suplex for a pin attempt in a nice change of his usually game plan.

Alexander hit a dragonscrew, and TJP then hit a foot DDT as they continued to look for and create a weakness in their opponent.

Alexander used a pretty cool counter when TJP tried to handstand out of a head scissors by hitting a short piledriver to keep the hold locked in.

Alexander went for an ankle lock and hit a pair of German Suplexes as we headed to commercial.

Alexander takes the lead

Back from commercial, and TJP fought out of a fireman’s carry and hit a double boot and then a boot wash.

A series of pin attempts followed before Alexander’s third attempt scored him a 1-0 win.

After a 30 second break that follows each fall, TJP went for Alexander’s legs, and then slapped on a neck lock, but Alexander fought out of it and hit a body slam. TJP rolled through it and locked another neck hold.

Alexander hit a backbreaker and then locked in a rear chin lock but TJP reached the ropes to break the hold.

Alexander reversed out of a suplex attempt and sent TJP to the floor. He followed TJP out and slammed him into the guardrail and the ring apron before he broke the count out.

Alexander carried TJP into the ring and dropped him over the ropes, but TJP locked in an octopus in the ropes to take back the momentum before Alexander locked in a surfboard in the ropes.

Alexander remains in control

Returning from commercial, and Alexander has his headgear back on and countered a kick by TJP for a backbreaker and a pin attempt. TJP keeps trying to get things going his way, but Alexander keeps shutting him down.

TJP put on an Indian Death Lock to try for a submission, and then Alexander countered into an ankle lock but TJP reached the ropes.

Alexander held TJP in a stalling suplex for over thirty seconds before hitting it for a pin attempt.

Another series of pin attempts and reversals followed before TJP locked in the sharpshooter and transitioned into a STF/sharpshooter type of hold, but Alexander made it to the ropes to break it.

They exchanged blows and chops before TJP started to turn the tide, but Alexander dropped him into the top turnbuckle to break his rhythm as we headed to commercial.

TJP pulls out a tie as time ran out

TJP hit a forearm off the middle rope to buy some time, and then hit a running double knee and a tornado DDT that sent Alexander to the floor where TJP hit a crossbody over the top rope.

Alexander blocked a tornado DDT on the floor, and hit a brainbuster on the ring apron.

Petey stopped Alexander from delivering the Death Mill on the floor, then took him to the top of the ramp to do it and Chris Sabin and Trey Miguel came out to stop him.

TJP used the time to hit a slam on Alexander on the ramp to stay alive. TJP then crawled back to the ring to score a count out as Eddie Edwards, Alisha, Jordynn Grace, and Rachael Ellering came out to watch.

Alexander barely made it back into the ring as the ref was about to count to ten.

TJP hit a running knee, then headed to the top rope to go for the Mamba Splash, but Alexander rolled out of the way.

Alexander headed to the top rope as Chris Bey came out and TJP locked Alexander in a Tree of Woe.

TJP took off Alexander’s headgear again, and boot washed him as IMPACT started.

TJP hit a springboard DDT for a near pinfall, and then a gut buster for another pin attempt.

All of Impact’s stars came out for the conclusion of the match. No matter what TJP pulled out, Alexander kept kicking out.

TJP then hit a Detonation Kick for a near pinfall, and then a mamba Splash but Alexander kicked out again.

TJP reversed an ankle lock into one of his own and transitioned into a figure four. Alexander managed to lock in an ankle lock and sat down.

TJP tried to reach the ropes but couldn’t, and rolled Alexander up in a reversal for a pin as time ran out.

Sudden Death

After exchanging blows to start it off, TJP missed a kick and standing senton, and Alexander hit a rolling slam and then hit a moonsault off the top rope for a near pinfall.

Alexander his a double underhook piledriver for the second fall of the match to win.

This was an awesome match and Impact Wrestling Results loved every minute of it. It was a real treat for the old school fan in us. What did you think of it? let us know in the comments below.

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