Impact Wrestling Results (6/3) – Table Match – Jake Something Put Rohit Raju Through a Table for the Win; W. Morrisey Destroyed Rich Swann Before their Match Started

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Impact Wrestling Results loved that match, and it was awesome to see Josh alexander and TJP exchanged gratitude backstage, and TJP thanked him as it may be their last match for a long time.

Scott D’Amore came in and congratulated both of them, and TJP thanked him for the opportunity, and Alexander said he’s a real champion and will defend every night.

Bey, Petey, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel came up to argue their case and Scott slipped out so they could talk among themselves.

Table Match – Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju

Rohit didn’t look like his usual confident self, but he went after jake with a series of strike to start it off and gain the upper hand.

Jake powered Rohit to the apron and hammered him with a right before Rohit slipped free and rolled to the floor on the opposite side of the ring.

On the floor, Rohit caught Jake with a series of blows and kicks, but Jake blocked it and threw him around before he tossed Rohit into the ring and Rohit caught him with a series of kicks, and then pulled chairs out from under the ring.

Jake knocked the chair aside and beat Rohit down, then caught him with a clothesline.

Rohit slipped out of a Black Hole Slam and hit a double stomp, and then wore a chair out on Jake.

Jake fought back after Rohit worked over his left arm with a chair, and then Rohit flowed through a tilt the while into a crossface, but there’s no submissions so he had to release it.

Rohit set a chair against Jake in the corner and hit a cannonball.

Jake nailed Rohit, and then set a table up in a corner while Rohit set up a couple of chairs. Rohit hit a drop toe hold into the chairs, and then hit a jumping knee and a running knee.

Rohit drove Jake into the ring post on the apron, then hit a low blow and a DDT on the apron before putting Jake on the table.

Rohit climbed to the top rope, but Jake caught him, and after exchanging blows, Rohit slipped free and then headed to the top to hit a double stomp through the chairs.

Jake caught Rohit’s running knee with a Black Hold Slam, and picked him up to hit another one.

Rohit threw a chair at him but it bounced off Jake’s head, and Jake hit a spear and drove Rohit through the propped up table.

Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey

Backstage, W. Morrissey demanded a match with Rich Swann, and D’Amore told him Swann came to him wanting a match against Morrisey and it’s next.

As Swann came out, Morrissey came out behind him and hit a clubbing blow from behind and threw Swann into the guardrail by the time keeper’s table.

In the ring, Swann ducked a clothesline and hit a step up kick and a few strikes, but Morrissey dropped him with a big boot.

Security came out to stop Morrissey since the match never officially started. Morrissey shoved one of the security into a corner and Willie Mack hit him with a chair in the back to no effect.

Security pleaded with him that they were just doing their jobs, and he casually left the ring.

Impact Wrestling Results expects this to be a potential handicap match in the future.

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