WWE NXT Results: Poppy Returns To NXT To Drop New Album, Ted DiBiase Raises The Stakes For Knight vs. Grimes (06/08)

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When it comes to the music of NXT, Triple H generally gets punk and heavy metal songs to use as themes for shows. One of the fan favorites is Poppy, and tonight the grammy-nominated singer is back in NXT. She’s got fans in the locker room, but Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell aren’t among them. They were mad that people were focused on Poppy and not them, as they’re tag team champions. However, we’ll see if they’ll confront her tonight.

Poppy Drops The EAT EP Live On NXT

William Regal & Triple H would welcome Poppy to NXT, with Triple H excited about all the songs she lets NXT use. He’d ask when the new EP drops, and she’d pull out her phone and press the publish button to get it out to the world. Triple H was amazed by technology and how far it’s come.

Dexter Lumis would come to offer Poppy a hand drawn picture and get a hug in response… just as Indi Hartwell showed up. InDex will have a hard time surviving this. Candice LeRae just gained some major ammo to bring LeRae to her side, which could be The Way she ends what she views as a foolish relationship.

Ted DiBiase Brings Back The Million Dollar Championship

At NXT Takeover: In Your House, we will see LA Knight take on Cameron Grimes in a special singles match. Both men are looking to impress The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, but have both done a poor job of it. Tonight, DiBiase is back in NXT to make a ‘Priceless Announcement’ for this match.

Prior to DiBiase coming out, LA Knight & Cameron Grimes showed off their lavish lifestyles and mansions. Neither man could show DiBiase anything he hasn’t already seen, but Grimes knows what DiBiase wants, as unlike Knight he’s listened. DiBiase needs someone who is focused, and Grimes is focused on the match this Sunday.

Grimes & Knight would arrive at the arena at the same time, and continue to try and one up each other. DiBiase would call this Sunday the ultimate test. He’d say they’ll climb the ladder of success, as a gold ladder descended and that’ll be what they use this Sunday. But what is gonna be at the top? The Million Dollar Championship.

Who will climb the ladder of success this Sunday at In Your House? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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