This Day in Wrestling History (7/18) – Kane Becomes the First WWE Money in the Bank Winner to Cash in on the Same Show

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Anymore the Money in the Bank contract is considered a joke by many and a gimmick pay-per-view the company could do without, but it has some awesome This Day in Wrestling History moments.

This one involved Kane winning the contract, then cashing it in later that night. It was the first time the contrast had been cashed in on the same night.

Nowadays, we’re not surprised when it’s cashed in during the pay-per-view or the next night as it’s become a great way for a transition champion to add to their win total and rub another one.

But that wasn’t all the way, and we only have to go back to July 18, 2010 for the first time it was cashed in the same night it was won.

Not wasting any time

After Kane won the Money in the Bank contract, he cashed it in later that night on Rey Mysterio and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

It was huge deal as the contract was always thought of a strategic piece the winner would hold onto and pick their moment.

Plus, cashing it in that night seemed cheap and pointless in some ways, but it worked out.

Rey Mysterio had a good run and Kane was always a fan favorite to win the title.

What this also gave hint to was Kane’s respect for Rey as he chose then to cash it in rather than wait for his own match or gamble that there’d be another opportunity.

Since then, we’ve seen the contract go from being a cool plot device to a laughable joke of a storyline like last year when it looked like the WWE had no clue what to do with Otis after he won it.

Then the whole angle with the Miz suing Otis and trying to steal it and all just felt like we were being cheated.

Still some shock value

But there’s always a plus side, and it’s when wrestlers like Bayley or Nikki A.S.H. use it to get their first championship soon after the event.

And while there will always be a quick turnaround on someone cashing it in, we can’t forget the first time it happened and Kane added to his legacy with a victory over Rey Mysterio in This Day in Wrestling History moment.

What’s your favorite Money in the Bank cash in? Let us know in the comments below.

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