WWE NXT Results: Odyssey Jones Crushes Andre Chase To Advance In NXT Breakout Tournament, Drake Maverick Upsets LA Knight (07/20)

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The NXT Breakout tournament continues tonight. Last week, Duke Hudson defeated Ikeman Jiro to be the first man to advance in the tournament, and tonight he will be joined by either Odyssey Jones or Andre Chase. Chase is a indie wrestling veteran who qualified for the tournament on 205 Live, while Jones is an ex-football player and very dangerous powerhouse. Who will advance?

Odyssey Jones Might Be Unstoppable

Chase would lock up with the biggest man in the tournament before being thrown away. He’d try to cut Jones down but was picked right up and sent over the top rope. At 6’5 and 405lbs, it’s hard to take him down, but when he followed Chase outside and was hit with a dive over the top rope that was accomplished.

Jones would fight back as he threw Chase onto the announce table, before being shoved into the steel pillar and the ring post. Chase was working smart as he used the size of Jones against him as he tripped him into the corner and kicked him in the face. A moonsault got a two count, before Jones hit some big bodyblocks and a running crossbody block.

Jones would roll across the ring and hit a crossbody into the corner before planting Andre Chase for the win. Chase got some blows in, but someone like Jones is not going to be easy to drop. He moves to the next round, and could hit the finals with ease, and if he’s not? RAW & Smackdown will still be looking to sign him up.

LA Knight Gets Caught

Last week, we got a look into the lives of LA Knight and his new butler, Cameron Grimes. Grimes got a butler makeover, ended up paying someone to do his job for him, before accidentally knocking Knight into the pool. This week, they bumped into a feisty Drake Maverick in the NXT Parking Lot, leading to a one on one clash tonight.

Grimes would be handed the Million Dollar Championship and told to hold it high. In the ring, Knight would go to work on Maverick as Grimes played air guitar with the belt. Grimes took exception to this and needed him to hold it up. This took his eyes off Maverick who caught Knight with a hurricanrana and a diving crossbody for a one count. Knight would fight back with an overhead toss, before going after Grimes again for not holding the belt up.

Grimes held it up and Knight was dropkicked into the belt, and Maverick rolled him up for the win. Maverick got beaten down, and Grimes would throw Knight off before being commanded to hit Maverick himself. Grimes refused, and looked to walk away before being pulled back in. Not wanting to do it, Grimes gritted his teeth and just did it.

How much longer will Knight be able to stand Grimes? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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