Impact Wrestling Against All Odds Results (6/12) – Impact World Championship – Kenny Omega (c) Defeated Moose to Retain the Impact World Championship with Help from the Young Bucks; Sami Callihan Arrived and Laid Waist and was Fired

Impact Wrestling Against All Odds Results have reached the moment many of us have been waiting for, and it’s coming to us from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville with Don Callis, Scott D’Amore, and Tony Schiavone calling the match with a live crowd.

Moose overpowered Omega on their initial lockup, then Omega ducked out of the ring after a cheap shot.

Omega then locked in a headlock and Moose stood up, then absorbed Omega’s shoulder block without moving, so Omega raked his eyes and hit a series of knees and elbow in the corner.

Omega couldn’t whip Moose across the ring, and Moose sent him across the ring and nailed Omega with a right and then Moose threw him across the ring.

Omega tried a One Winged Angel, but he couldn’t get him up on three attempts. Moose then broke out of a dragon suplex attempt but Omega sent him to the floor with a hurricanrana.

Omega nailed Moose with a swan dive over the top rope, then showed off his tan lines to the camera.

Moose caught Omega’s crossbody off the top rope, hefted him up but Omega slipped off his shoulder and hit a couple of chops and then hit a shoulder to Moose’s knee.

Omega hit a ripcord and Moose kipped up and hit a standing moonsault when Omega missed off the top rope.

Starting to flow

Moose bounced Omega off a couple of corners and then hit a body slam and Omega rolled to the floor.

Omega tried to pull Moose to the floor, and Moose kicked him into the railing and then motioned for people to leave a section of the railing and sent Omega into it.

Omega dodged a spear attempt and Moose sailed over the railing and most of the chairs. Omega followed him out and threw a trash can on Moose.

Omega wrapped Moose’s injured left arm in a railing and twisted it. He then slammed both of Moose’s shoulders into the ring post.

Omega hammered away on Moose’s arm, then ran into a big boot. Omega countered a clothesline into an armbar. Omega tried a triangle choke, but Moose picked him up and power bombed him to break the hold.

Moose hit a running uppercut, dropkick, and then a second running dropkick. Omega caught him with a boot, but Moose power bombed him off the top ropes for a near pinfall.

Omega hit a snap dragon and a V-Trigger, then a second V-Trigger for a near pinfall.

They exchanged shots in the middle of the ring and Omega hit a slam for a pin attempt, and then hit a V-Trigger on Moose’s shoulder and then a couple of more.

Moose slipped out of a One Winged Angel and hit a short arm lariat. The AEW’s doctor came into the ring to check on Moose’s shoulder, and Moose told him to get out of the ring.

Omega hit another V-Trigger and headed to the top rope, btu Moose caught him and hit a Spanish Fly for a near pinfall.

Omega pulled the ref in front of him to take the brunt of Moose’s spear. The Young Bucks came in and hit Moose with some superkicks, and a V-T-Trigger.

They then picked up Moose so Omega could hit the One Winged Angel. They then dropped the ref there to count the pinfall.

You’re fired!

The lights went out and Callihan appeared and he took out the Young Bucks and Omega with his baseball bat.

Callis went to the ring and told Callihan to think about what he’s doing, and Callihan grabbed a chair and tossed it into the ring and set it on Omega’s throat.

Callis fired him and D’Amore headed to the ring and gave Callis grief as he headed into the back.

This was a great show, but this match was rough through most of it. It may due to the rumors that Omega’s beat up as he looked it at times.

What did you think of the ending? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Against All Odds Results.

We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next week.

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