WWE Star Samoa Joe Provides Injury Update On WWE Backstage


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WWE Star Samoa Joe Provides Injury Update On WWE Backstage

The Samoan Submission Machine has been laying dormant for a few months now. He i one of several major players who have been out with various injuries.

On WWE Backstage on Fox, Samoa Joe was a co-host this week, a role which suits him well as he is an incredibly eloquent speaker, he provided a short update on when to expect him back in the ring.

Whats The Update

Showing off the splint that is protecting his injured wrist, he simply stated he should be clear to go in a few weeks time.

WWE Backstage host and 5 time World Champion Booker T joked that in wrestling you need to milk you injures for all you can, saying it should be atleast 6 months more until Samoa Joe returns.

Joe states he tried this, but the office keeps calling him so he will be back very soon.

What Could Samoa Joe Be Doing Upon His Return

With the lack of stories currently unfolding on Monday Nights outside of Rey Mysterio & Brock Lesnars issues & whatever you want to call the situation between Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley, the landscape is very open for Samoa Joe to immediately make an impact upon his return from injury.

While he has generally been cast as the heel in WWE, Joe is inherently likeable due to his veteran status in the world of wrestling combined with his in-ring abilities; a babyface role could be a nice change of pace for Samoa Joe.

He could reignite his classic rivalry with current United States Champion AJ Styles. Even with The OC at his back, they could be picked off in the weeks leading to Joes return to even the playing field and build intrigue.

World Championship Aspirations

Another possibility involves a him taking his shot at the winner of the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series. Samoa Joe has had issues with both Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar in recent years, and while his track record with challenging for world titles is not impressive, he always makes for a compelling challenger.

His match with Brock Lesnar at Great Balls Of Fire for the Universal  Championship an underrated gem in my personal opinion, often forgotten due to an underwhelming finish that involved Samoa Joe falling to a single F-5.

Its likely we won’t be seeing Samoa Joe until after Survivor Series in two weeks, but I imagine if he’s cleared to compete, we will be seeing him make his presence known on the road to TLC in December. RAW is lacking in star power these days, so Samoa Joe returning with be incredibly welcome.

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