Will The XFL Make It This Time or Is It Doomed?


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Will The XFL Make It This Time or Is It Doomed?

Here’s a bit of behind the scenes of The Overtimeronce the WBF was brought up while discussing Vince McMahon’s business aspirations. Yes, such as Alpha Entertainment and XFL 2020. For those who forgot—lucky you—the WBF or World Bodybuilding Federation was a project of McMahon and promoted on WWE television in the early 90s.  

As a matter of fact, it aired on the USA Network with the program WBF Body StarsThis was a vehicle for his ICOPRO supplement line which disappeared shorted after the WBF folded. Now, WBF was doomed from the start. In some competitions, there’s really only room for one per market. The WBF being doomed set the pace for every McMahon project going forward that wasn’t WWE-related. 

Is The XFL Doomed For A Second Death? 

The new XFL kicked off its inaugural season Saturday, February 8th. It was a pretty good weekend of football for the league. It’s really too early to say that the XFL is going to kick the bucket a second time. This time around, Vince is running the league on a tighter scale and steering away from competing with the NFL off the starting block. 

That was just one of the problems from the first run of the XFL. Presentation, attendance, and so on were other nails in the league’s coffin the first time around. The reboot seems to have more work and research put into how its rules will work, how the gameplay will flow, where players will come from, what will be overlooked, and how all of this will be presented. 

I’m not saying Vince just slapped hundreds of millions on the table and said “I’m getting into foo’ball!” back in 2001 but what a fast death of that was. I mean, at least it finished out a season—which can’t be said for AAF. Finances come into play but with a season that runs two months, your league can at least finish out its first season. 

The XFL Has A Lot Going For It 

This time around, things are starting off right for the league. Sure, there’s something about the contracts that are froggy but the added thing with a $2,000-plus bonus for winners is an interesting element. These guys are getting Spartan contracts of about five figures for the year while QBs are getting six figures. It makes for hungrier games. 

Working with a smaller league of eight teams means shorter seasons. There’s little risk of this falling apart before the first season is done. Barring some sort of controversy, the XFL should survive for a bit. The question isn’t “Is the XFL doomed already?” It’s how long will the XFL run and how far out will it expand. 

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