Chris Jericho Says He Will Take A 60 Day Leave Of Absence If Moxley Walks Out Of The Arena Tonight | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

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Chris Jericho Says He Will Take A 60 Day Leave Of Absence If Moxley Walks Out Of The Arena Tonight | AEW Dynamite Results | All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite begins, and after a Revolution recap, we’re introduced to our new AEW World Champion Jon Moxley! He emerges from the crowd. As his theme fades a giant chant of “Moxley” kicks up and he grabs the microphone. He’s got a scar from being busted open last Saturday. A very loud “You Deserve It” keeps him from speaking for a bit. He says you see this belt right here? It’s the AEW World Championship. It’s a beautiful thing, because of what it represents. This belt is three letters, AEW. Represents professional wrestling. Pop.

Calls it the sport that he loves and has dedicated his entire life to. This belt never belonged to Chris Jericho. Boos. Says this belt doesn’t even belong to him, it belongs to you. It belongs to every one of the AEW fans who wanted something better, something different, to everyone that wanted pro wrestling back! The “AEW” chant is thunderous! And so he will defend this belt with his life. He will crawl through any vent and climb every mountain to defend it, there is no one who has what it takes to pry this belt from his cold dead hands. But anybody wants to step up, they can try, they can get knocked out, choked out, dropped on their head, it’s all the same to him.

Moxley says he knows it’s not over between him and the Inner Circle. Heat for their mere mention. Mox knows that watching him right now has to be acid burning in Jericho’s mouth. Dares them to come after him too.

Chris Jericho makes his way out, with the Inner Circle backing him up.

We get the usual singalong here and it’s quite a big one. Jericho starts by saying that he doesn’t need a belt to be Le Champion. “Yes You Do” chant. Chris calls them a bunch of idiots who can’t even chant in unison. Tells them to shut their ass and let him say what he has to say. Big heat. Puts over Mox’s reckless abandon for calling out the Inner Circle and it’s paid off, the Moxley Era has begun tonight. Asks everyone if they like the Moxley era. Big pop. Jericho says he doesn’t, he thinks it sucks ass. “You Suck Ass” chant in response, and it’s very much in unison!

Jericho calls Moxley a cheater because he spent months training for a man with one eye! And the fact that he can see out of both is not the action of a champion! This is incredible. Says that makes him a liar and all of the crowd liars as well! And since he won the title so unfairly, he’s now caused a big problem because he’s turned the Inner Circle from a group of good natured and very good looking guys into a damned Hit Squad. “Bullshit” chant cuts him off. Chris says he’s putting the entire AEW roster on notice. Doesn’t care if you’re the Librarian, Michael Nakazawa or if you’re Jon Moxley, they will tear everyone apart, they will hurt some people and they will start with Mox. After the main event tonight, Mox & Darby vs. Chris & Sammy – Jericho stops to give Sammy their famed hug – Mox will not leave under his own power.

He’s so sure of what he says that if he walks out of here on his own tonight, he’ll take a leave of absence from AEW for 30 days! In fact he’ll take a leave of absence for 60 days if he walks out on his own tonight! “Fozzy Sucks” chant begins I believe, he’s gonna be going for his tour soon. Jericho warns Mox that he always has a plan and that Moxley isn’t as smart as he thinks.

Mox admits that may be true, he didn’t finish High School. But he’s so sick of hearing Chris talk. He wants to finish what he started in Chicago except he’s doing it right here in Broomfield, Colorado and he’ll make him look like a stupid son of a bitch!

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