John Morrison & The Miz Win Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match | WWE | Results

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John Morrison & The Miz Win Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match | WWE | Results

WE Elimination Chamber is rolling on! The Miz and John Morrison now set to defend the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships in a Tag Team Elimination Chamber!

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match: The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs. Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs. The New Day vs. The Usos

The New Day and the Usos start us out, pretty cool. Big exchange of strikes to begin, Kofi with a crossbody for 2. Whip reversed, Kofi lands on his feet off of a monkey flip. Gets nailed with a forearm. E with a side headlock, shot off, Big E with a shoulder block. Leap frog, Belly To Belly from E! Hits the ropes for a Splash but eats a top rope crossbody outta nowhere for a nearfall! Kofi leaps from the top rope with a clothesline of his own for a nearfall. Thrust kick to the gut, uppercut from Jey. They take Kofi up top, big chop to the chest!

They both go up to double team him but E pulls one from the middle rope and sends him to the outside, tries to get the other with a Powerbomb but Uce back in the ring to save his brother, standoff. Timer comes up now. Lucha House Party is the third team. Springboard right into the ring to slam into them, pop-up dropkicks clear the ring. Double whip, but an enziguri nailed, Springboard Stunner from Lince Dorado! Metalik stands on the shoulders of Lince for a giant splash for a nearfall, has to be broken up! Series of moonsaults from the Lucha House Party! E with a big arm drag sends Metalik facefirst onto the steel floor! Tosses Lince to the steel as well!

E and Kofi out there, E pops Kofi up to send him flying into Lince and Metalik! They drag them both back into the ring, to the center. Kofi slams them beside one another, Kofi wants a leapfrog leg drop but both Luchas roll out of the way to let him crash and burn! E gets sent into the ring post! Dorado gets sent into the cage, hooks his ankles and almost snaps them in the chains but he manages to keep climbing! Scales atop the pod! Usos try to pull him down but he kicks them away. Kofi Kingston leaps up there! Metalik here to help Lince! They send Kofi off the pod, stomping his fingers to send him to the floor! Lince flies off the top with a crossbody to the Usos! Metalik with a giant senton takes out the New Day! Crazy! Crowd rises but nobody can cover, timer is up…

John Morrison & The Miz are in next!

They throw New Day from the ring, E gets sent hard into the chain! An Uce gets tossed as well! Miz and Morrison get Lince with a Double Team Spinebuster! Morrison with the driving knee, Miz with a running boot, cover but Metalik makes the save! Gran taken to the corner, Tree of Woe, It Kicks, Miz holds him in place for a spinning kick! Double team DDT on an Uce for the nearfall, has to be broken up. Jey Uso fights out with superkicks but a double team takes him down, diving footstomp from Morrison for a nearfall! Morrison hoists Lince up high for a Spinning Razor’s Edge, Metalik breaks up the pin! Metalik sent to the top rope, scales the pod again! Morrison chases.

METALIK LEAPS FROM THE POD FOR A SUPER RANA ON MORRISON! Crazy!! Miz breaks up the pin! A loud “This Is Awesome” chant from an otherwise strangely quiet crowd. Kofi gets Miz with a ton of elbows, standing dropkick, Boom Drop! Gets the people clapping along for a Trouble In Paradise, Miz ducks it, hoists him up for a Flying Chuck! They both cover but Big E breaks it up now! E grabs Morrison, tosses him with an overhead belly to belly! Miz starts with the It Kicks though. E ducks the last one, gets him onto his shoulders! Footstomp/Bomb! Morrison with the break-up now.

Heavy Machinery are of course the fifth team!

They come right in to a big pop, plow through everybody! Usos sent to the steel floor! Body blocks against the cage! Over and over and over, crushing the Usos! Dorado scaling the pod. Heavy Machinery just kinda waits for their next spot for a moment. Tucker gets Metalik with a Side Slam, nearfall. Big E comes in, gets taken down with a series of clotheslines… sandwiched between them for a double body block! Otis glances to Ziggler before hitting the Caterpillar! Delayed cover, gets broken up, everybody in the ring together as Lince has scaled the cieling!!! SHOOTING STAR PRESS FROM THE TOP OF THE CHAMBER WHAT THE HELL! Insane!

Compactor to Metalik and we finally have our first elimination. Lucha House Party is out. And now the timer is up, Roode and Ziggler are the last ones in, Heavy Machinery trying to block them. But Miz and Morrison attack them from behind and now the heel teams are ganging on Tucker and Otis! “Otis” chant. Morrison whips Roode into Tucker who gets him with a back elbow. Ziggler climbing the chamber but Otis grabs him and pulls him back down! But he manages to climb again and gets atop the pod! As he yells at Otis, Tucker climbs up to the pod behind him! Taps Ziggler on the shoulder… slams him right into the plexiglass! Tosses him down to Otis who catches him!! Tosses him neckfirst into the ropes… TUCKER WITH A SENTON OFF THE POD ONTO EVERYBODY!

Roode attacks Otis from behind, Ziggler and Roode double teaming… but he shoves them both away! Clotheslines Roode into the ring! Big shot to Ziggler! “Otis” chant again! Hoists him onto his shoulders and wants to send him through a pod. Roode pulls Ziggler away from him, but gets back body dropped! Ziggler fighting to his feet… Otis charges but Ziggler sidesteps him!


Man, that’s a bit of a new one, eh? Tucker is shocked and concerned as Otis is clearly down. “This Is Awesome” chant kicks up again. Tucker turns and points at Dolph and Roode. Slowly enters the ring… clobbering them both with big right hands! Ziggler stops him with a kick, Fameasser attempt but Tucky tosses him into the corner! Ziggler stops him with a superkick, Glorious DDT from Roode, they pin him together and that’s it for them! Heavy Machinery have been eliminated! Big heat as Roode and Ziggler celebrate. Otis has to be helped to the back. Roode and Ziggler wave him goodbye.

Kofi surprises Roode with a Trouble In Paradise! Big Ending to Ziggler! And now, Usos on the pods! Simultaneous high flying Uso Splashes for the simulpins!! Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler have been eliminated! “Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye” for Roode and Ziggler as they crawl their way out! And now, Usos, New Day and Miz & Morrison all facing off. Babyfaces turn towards the champs, looking like they’re on the same side. They swarm in on them and stomp them into the mat! They make like they’re gonna start fighting each other instead but keep on stomping! They toss them out of the ring… turn around and superkick each other, E and an Uce go down! Kofi blocks a kick into a single leg, but gets whipped into a Pop-Up Samoan Drop, Kingston barely kicks kicks out! Big E with the crazy uranage! But runs into a Samoan Drop too for a nearfall!

Kingston goes up top, gets blocked. Superplex attempted here, Kofi tosses him away. And why not? One more pod scaling spot as Kofi goes up! Flies off for a crossbody but it’s evaded, he crashes and burns, Miz and Morrison rush into the ring to pin him!

The New Day have been eliminated. Only the champions Miz & Morrison and the Usos remain.

The remaining teams start a brawl! Champs sent to the outside, each try to springboard back in but both of them eat superkicks out of the air for a nearfall! Uso Splash to both men, Morrison gets hit, Miz gets the knees up for a cradle, nearfall on each team! Miz ducks a double team superkick, tosses Usos into each other, hits a Skull Crushing Finale. Kickout. Right into the figure four leglock! Morrison dropkicks the other out of the ring, Miz grabs the ropes to really inch in the Figure Four and hold him down for the Starship Pain!! Pin is broken up, superkicks to both champs, cover Morrison for the nearfall! Crazy double pin using the ropes gets the elimination, champs retain!

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz

Incredible highlight reel of a match there. I’m sure the women’s Chamber match won’t struggle to match it at all~!

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