10 def. Jon Cruz | AEW Dark Results (5/12/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dark continues. Now we’ll be seeing Jon Cruz go up against 10 – aka Preston Vance, the newest member of the Dark Order. His backstory is that of a former heisman hopeful whose dreams were shattered by injury, and as a result he lost everything dear to him. Disgruntled and disillusion, this path led him to the Dark Order. We haven’t gotten the best sense of what he’s about as a performer yet but this should give us a pretty good idea. As he comes out it’s clear there’s a size disparity here, 10’s certainly a jacked dude.

10 vs. Jon Cruz

Cruz with a top wrist lock, 10 just shoves him to the mat. Cruz slips under his arms and hits the ropes to try for a shoulder block but 10 stops him in his tracks with a knee to the gut. Cruz tries again, ducks under a clothesline but gets flipped onto his face by the second attempt! Cruz trying to scramble away but 10 grabs him by the hair. Body shots are no sold, 10 with a clubbering blow. Pulls him up to his feet, shoots him to the ropes, Bicycle Kick into what’s pretty much Liv Morgan’s new finisher Oblivion! Cruz rolls to the outside in pain. 10 pursues him, Cruz is leaned against the steel steps. 10 charges but Cruz avoids it and 10 rams himself into the steps!

10 is left with a giant red bruise on his shoulder off of that spot. Rolls into the ring, Cruz with an enziguri from the apron, goes up top for a diving crossbody but 10 avoids it, Cruz rolls through but gets absolutely LEVELED with an incredible Spinebuster and that is that! I dare say that was, in fact, a Main Event Spinebuster.

Winner: 10

Definitely some interesting stuff going on for 10 here. He’s not as big as some of AEW’s meatier hosses but he cuts an imposing figure all the same and he’s obviously got a lot going for him as an athlete. It’s not hard to see why they were interested in him. He wasn’t perfect here, the Oblivion was a little bit messy though it’s hard to say whose fault that was, judging by the flow of the sequence it sorta seemed like he went into it quicker than expected. Even then it looked effective.

With guys like Brodie Lee, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson to back him up he should have every chance to develop into a fine talent.

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