Mike Tyson & Chris Jericho Have To Be Pulled Apart | AEW Dynamite Results (5/27/2020) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dynamite is just about done, there’s only one thing left and unusually it’s a segment rather than a match. Its time for the pep rally! Tons of cheerleaders on the stage shaking the pom-poms! Vickie Guerrero rushes out from the tunnel and she’s one of the cheerleaders too! Yells “Are you kidding me?!” and says it’s time for the best celebration of the night. She’s the personal ring announcer for the Inner Circle! Names them all one-by-one. Even Ortiz is wringing his ear out after that one. Poor Guevara still coming out on crutches, I kinda expected him to have ditched them but nah he’s going with it. Jericho in as well and everyone is in a noticeably really cruddy move as they make their way to the ring. A table is setup with a ton of stuff on it. Boxes of their shirts.

Jericho grabs a mic and welcomes us to the Inner Circle Pep Rally. Says it’s been a rough time for the Inner Circle but they will band together and like five sexy phoenixes they will rise again! Says they’re nice guys, the pep rally isn’t just for them it’s for all of the people as well! That’s why they got official Stadium Stampede merchandise just for them! They throw them out onto the crowd. Somebody throws his back! Jericho and Ortiz are furious about this until Sammy tells them to calm down.

Guevara says they didn’t win the Stadium Stampede match but what they did do, they participated baby! So he got all of them some trophies! He pulls golden trophies from the bag. Jericho says his says King of Dad Jokes. Sammy says there’s a pandemic going on it’s kinda hard to get trophies, Jericho accepts it. Santana has a regift basket. Chop cheese to Ortiz. Gave Sammy some smokes for his injuries. Hager gets some shoes and Jericho gets a framed picture of Mark Anthony, he’s extremely excited. Jericho says Sammy is hurt, he took one of the worst moves he’s ever seen but he’s too cool for a nerdy pair of crutches. She got him his own scooter! It’s actually a damn tricycle with a sign that says “Hit me up” on the front. It’s incredible.

Jericho gives Ortiz a pair of headphones and he marvels about how he can hear! His hearing is apparently still damaged after that bell spot. Hager reads them all a poem. Says they build him up like only friends can and if anyone messes with them he’ll choke them with his bare hands. Calls them the bestla and promises to run over the Elite with his Tesla. Hager starts going off about how he has a particular set of skills and he knows where they live and he will find them, Jericho stops him before he goes too far.

Sammy asks Chris what he wants. Jericho takes off his sunglasses and says what he really wants is Mike Tyson’s head on a platter! Says he hasn’t forgotten what Mike did to him on January 11th, 2010 on a Monday Night! “Mike” chant from the crowd! Jericho says Tyson turned traitor on him and every day of his life since then he’s been dreaming of getting his hands on Mike Tyson’s fat head! Sammy says he couldn’t get his head on a platter but he can get him something a little bit better. He got him… a cheese platter with a Little Bit of the Bubbly! “You suck” chant in response. But… the platter has been eaten up and the bubbly has been drunk! Now out comes the most likely suspect, Mike Tyson with a big entourage! Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort and Henry Cejudo are with him! Jericho tells Tyson to calm down. He’ll say it once, shut your mouth when he’s talking to him.

Jericho says he’s been dreaming of this moment for ten years. Says Tyson looked him in the eye and said he could trust him and he turned on him and knocked him out! Tyson says he’s a sucker and deserved it, he was wrong and stole a championship apparently. Jericho tells him to shut up and says he’ll give him once chance, demands he apologize to him for knocking him out. Demands his thugs shut up and says it again. Tyson instead rips his shirt off to show off his physique. Jericho says okay he looks great, but apologize! Tyson shoves him, Jericho shoves him back and it’s a very familiar scene as a gigantic pull apart to keep Tyson and Jericho from getting to each other! Every damn body is out there for this one! Tyson fighting his way up the ramp, it takes dozens of men to keep him back!

Quite the callback…

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