Independant Wrestler Danny Havoc Dead At 34 Years Old

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Independant Wrestler Danny Havoc Dead At 34 Years Old

May 2020 is going to go down as one of the most tragic months in the history of professional wrestling. Not for anything that happened in the ring fortunately, though some like Kairi Sane & Britt Baker suffered injuries, but for reasons outside the ring. We already lost Shad Gaspard & Hana Kimura this month, and just before it could come to a close, we lost Danny Havoc as well. He was only 34 years old.

Who Was Danny Havoc?

Havoc was a veteran wrestler of the deathmatch scene, one of the best modern examples of this style. He wrestled for companies like Game Changer Wrestling & Combat Zone Wrestling throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s, before entering semi-retirment in 2017. He’d show up as recently as 2020 to wrestle for GCW during their tour of Japan.

Having wrestled since 2005, Havoc had made plenty of friends over his career and the outpouring of emotion was once again both beautiful and tragic. From the companies he frequented, to people like Drew Gulak, everyone truly got to know just how great of a person Havoc was.

“Not only did he get to follow his dream, but he lived them to the fullest and even went on to inspire others to do the same. In the same way that he looked up to his heroes he may have even surpassed them.

Beyond that, as a human, he wast fun-loving, intelligent, creative, innovative, brave, and caring. Just an honest to goodness great guy. He had such a fun, dry, wicked, dark sense of humor and an amazing skill for art.”

That is just part of the thread where Gulak would remember this very close friend.

The most distressing part of his death is that it comes just over a month after his wife would pass away from heart failure.

Havoc Will Be Remembered

While he never had a chance to make his break into a major company, simply the world isn’t ready for major companies to truly accept deathmatch wrestling yet. Despite this, his legacy is great. He won the CZW Tournament Of Death twice, once in 2008 and again in 2013. He won the CZW Tag Team, Junior Heavyweight and Ultraviolence Underground Championships. Adding to this, he won the Tournament Of Survival in Game Changer Wrestling. He had a great career, was beloved by all who met him, and he will be missed.

We here at The Overtimer would like to send our best wishes to the friend and family of Danny Havoc. Share some of your favorite moments from his career in the comment section down below.

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